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You, Me
don't jello
we bow cup

noah 'ello

Teks nomor

noah 'ello

You, Me
don't jello
we bow cup

noah 'ello
Rafael Gonzaga Jul 2018
Jiggles on the spoon as I scoop
Slides slowly down the chute
Transparent goodness on a plastic tray
It's the one thing that could make my day

Sun light hits it surface and it starts to glow
It casts a shadow, a color it might show
Causes confusion, if it's solid or liquid
But it something you'll never know you need
Martin Narrod Nov 2015
if you ever want to come over and be sick and use my body like a doll-rod
I invite you to do so.
if you ever want to throw the rings and earn no points just to throw something
I invite you to do so.
if your pictures turn moldy and you can't face the mirrors, neither can I.

it's been three hundred seconds and I'm wondering if I should be listening for alphabet city or the sound of the Wilson's razor, if I should be curt or vowelless, glib and just a big sickening consonant or Occam's tired and infinite inner gesticulations- calculated but fleeting.

if you ever want to be you in front of that cemetery wall covered in the haze of eggy moonlight
I'd like to take pictures of the alms on your arms.

This earthquake is spicy and I am thrilled to feel some of the momentum coming back to my chest. I'm wishing for art too and believing in faeries and mid standing-ovation bringing my ears forward by cupping my hands, and holding ceramic mugs to the side of my head, listening for a dial tone or the tones of the dying.

you don't even know you make me write
into a black book or the white box, into the notes
onto the arms, scribbling while driving myself crazy at three-hundred and eighty seconds. Is this recording? I can turn it up.

what does it mean if I want to hang doors and patch holes, make locks and wear capes? It's been such a long lawn time, since I first got high on myself, met a new person and didn't want to drown or for them to drown.
Is this when I take the rocks out of my pockets and stop lingering by the water? Please let me know. You'll let me know, right?

If you ever want to talk serial killers over Apple Jacks or Corn Pops
I invite you to do so.
If you ever want to skip rocks or run from the cops with a second skin
I invite you to do so.

I like to dangle my feet over edges, while wearing floor-length gowns, while wearing ebony feathers, and avoiding being arrested. It's 26 minutes into tomorrow and we didn't give each other permission to die yet, so please don't go down without me. You're supposed to tell me when it's time to wear my rocks in the river, even if I never mentioned the plateau or the room where I heard the women crying.

Keep my secrets in your open-handed notebook
I invite you to do so.
Pencil new eyebrows for me to don, draw new shoes on my feet to wear
I invite you to do so.

Lock me in a box until I'm calling for the horrors, in a light-absent four-sided trap in the fetal position, I could be in a basement or on the 7 and a half floor of the Mertin-Flemmer building, but hum to me please.

I've asked you to set me on fire twice and you haven't,
does that make us best friends? I hope.
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Arlo Disarray Sep 2015
she had crystalline eyes, like diamonds they shined
and allowed the world to see everything that hid inside
if you looked behind her teeth, into her throat, you'd see her spine
made of tape and plastic, in a poorly planned design

her skin made from last season's leaves,
burned from the light so easily
catching fire in the breeze
and spreading flames throughout the trees

her legs contained jello instead of bones
and she held earthquakes in her knees
the planet never stood still
and she could feel it rotating beneath her blistered feet

a heart replaced by splintering wood left her torn and sick each day
with every beat, infection grew
and took small parts of her away
Katie Oct 2014
don't mind spending my saturday nights in solitude
gives me this sense of gratitude
just knowing my own company is plentitude
feeling proud of my renewed *attitude

— The End —