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 Oct 2018 Axion Prelude
With tired wings you still soar
with a Grace few can ever muster
Sleep, my love
and dream of the days
the garden was full of flowers

Orange blossom sweet
and jasmine sultry
you will always glow like a gardenia
on a summer afternoon

Your nest, so filled with love
will warm your coldest days
keeping you forever beautiful
as you have always been

Fly with the angels on waves of peace
this world could never offer you
Every flower-filled breeze
will be like kisses filled
with memories of you
 Sep 2018 Axion Prelude
I lick my lips

they still taste like you
and I bask in the remnants of a dream
that seems
close enough to smell
through laundered sheets
blood at the surface of yesterday leeches
into tomorrow

on badges of honor that hold no shame
igniting the flame
each in the shape of animal love
primal feasts of flesh
and I run moist in remembrance
a response I have yet to control

the thought of your voice or your breath on my skin
burns fire within
without ever being near
I feel your longing
chasing my own

my body screams in liquid silence
your voice walking the line
entwined in the root
of my evil
vibrating a symphony in prelude
carried on a laugh that growls
to the beast that howls
begging to be beaten into submission

I lick my lips
...they still taste like you
 Feb 2015 Axion Prelude
Eyes are all that are known
what they can see, they shut out the world
They have seen pain in so many different places
The heart, warm but broken
What has become of this
What has become of the eyes and the heart that were once there?
They see with opulent surprises, glints and observations
The heart feels and beats
with a gentle breath is content
It will become stronger
It will get better
Gentle words....
Gentle touches....
Pain will recede back and will never answer again
It will be taken away
The heart and those eyes...they will feel again
With only a gentle reply to say...
I'm there
 Feb 2015 Axion Prelude
It isn't certain, or maybe it is
What is the difference between here and now
It wasn't always there
Or maybe it was
I couldn't see
I was blinded
It wasn't clear

But I'll cherish it
I'll make it mine
Mold it and make it refine
Clearly as you can see
Nothing is always easier to be
Where was my mind
I was never sure
But that's okay I'll keep it for now
And forever
and forever
As clear as day
Something was always right
And now I can stop seeing what was the there all along
A clear sign
A clear passage
And I'll keep it near.
 Jan 2015 Axion Prelude
What do you see when you look into my eyes
All the sad truths, all the happy lies
Are those stormy clouds just a reflection
A mirror to disguise my unyielding affection
A little drabble. Might make something of it later.
 Jan 2015 Axion Prelude
I am the rains of sorrow
Whose wings of song are apart
On the edge of dreams
The rush of a beating heart

The gift of the World's End
Where are the gates of wonder?
I am waiting for sunset
Hanging on clouds of thunder

I am glad for the time
From tomorrow comes my sheep
Which gates of dreams I enter
In din and rains I sleep

The time of the World's End
Hang gifts of sunset things
Change wonders apart
Glad for sorrowful wings
Another from the dredge that was my writing days 8 years ago. This one was made in a poetry class. The challenge? We were given a set of words to work with and we could only add prepositions and articles. This is what came of that.
 Jan 2015 Axion Prelude
I'm mad at the people who think they are God
Who think they can do whatever they want
I'm mad at the people who think they're all that
At the people who lie, or hide behind a hat

I'm mad at the people who judge other people
Who think they can fight, or burn down a steeple
I'm mad at the people who wear gruesome chains
Who curse at their fathers or *******

I'm mad at the people who beat their woman
Who don't care about life, and give up on livin'
I'm mad at the people who make fun and are racist
Who **** and moan and are generally tasteless

I'm mad at the people who are loud and shout
Who ignore everyone, and constantly make out
I'm mad at the people who always sin
Who sit on the side of the road, holding a tin

I'm mad at the people who laugh and cry
Who cheat and double-cross, and maybe even lie
I'm mad at the people who think they can sing
Who mark themselves as Queen or King

I'm mad at those who always want more
Who do stupid things, like gamble and start war
I'm mad at the people who laugh at things like ****
Who will never understand, or never contemplate

I'm mad at the people who don't believe
Who don't stay and enjoy the show, who get up and leave
I'm mad at the people who don't take a stand
Who don't even fight for their own land

I just want a world of quiet, of happiness
A world where everyone is a friend, no such thing as sadness
But with people how they are today, oh so rude
They get on my nerves, and put me in a bad mood

A world of love, a world of peace
Out of this huge puzzle, just one little piece
This is my vision of the world, these are my dreams
But it will  never be, I will never get wish, or so it seems

I'm mad at everyone, at everything
I'm mad at the world, who destroyed my dream
I think this one came to fruition about 8 years ago. It's pretty catchy if you get the rhythm down. It was just one of those days were everything anyone did bugged the **** out of me.
 Jan 2015 Axion Prelude
How can love be so blind?
And yet, be so clear?
I'm sad when you are far,
I'm confused when you are near

What would happen,
If the world started to fall?
Would you still take care of me?
Would you love me at all?

Wrap your arms around me
And don't ever let me go
Keep me close to your heart
Let me hear it beating, deep and slow

Shower me with your divine kisses
And protect me for all time
Don't let me fade to darkness
Leave me not, for you are mine

Let me protect you, and guide you
And love, like you have done for me all along
Let me be your dreams, and chase away your fears
Let me dance with you, and sing for you
Because for you, I made this song
And yet anther written oh so long ago. A friend of mine created a score for this one, so it really was a song at one point. But I never got a copy.
 Jan 2015 Axion Prelude
A feeling of tranquility
A bliss beyond human imagination
I have died by your hands

As I fly to a white Heaven
Brilliant wings, wide outstretched
Must I endure more pain?

I weigh my heart against a feather
I hold my breath in apprehension
How will I be judged?
Don't hold lust against me

A long hall, darkened doorways
My footsteps fall on deft ears
What awaits me at our journey's end?

Lead me down this haunted corridor
Take me by a ****** hand
Why do my eyes stare blankly?

I weigh my heart against a feather
I hold my breath in apprehension
Have I been judged to live in Hell?
My lust is my end

A lifeless body is buried
Another creation from 9 or so years ago.
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