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Kier-Kier Nov 2015
The being is separate, we as a whole are fragile
Screaming for help, existance, longing-belonging
She wants love, he wants forgiveness
Divine in each way....forgotten
Born without a care, why even bother
There were other options. Yet were disregarded
Not even to be held, not even to be loved
They were cast aside
Longing to be by their mother's and father's side
And yet, no compassion, no love for these children forgotten
Kier-Kier Feb 2015
Eyes are all that are known
what they can see, they shut out the world
They have seen pain in so many different places
The heart, warm but broken
What has become of this
What has become of the eyes and the heart that were once there?
They see with opulent surprises, glints and observations
The heart feels and beats
with a gentle breath is content
It will become stronger
It will get better
Gentle words....
Gentle touches....
Pain will recede back and will never answer again
It will be taken away
The heart and those eyes...they will feel again
With only a gentle reply to say...
I'm there
Kier-Kier Feb 2015
It isn't certain, or maybe it is
What is the difference between here and now
It wasn't always there
Or maybe it was
I couldn't see
I was blinded
It wasn't clear

But I'll cherish it
I'll make it mine
Mold it and make it refine
Clearly as you can see
Nothing is always easier to be
Where was my mind
I was never sure
But that's okay I'll keep it for now
And forever
and forever
As clear as day
Something was always right
And now I can stop seeing what was the there all along
A clear sign
A clear passage
And I'll keep it near.

— The End —