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 May 2017 Cynthia A
Gaby Comprés
girls don't stay little
and time doesn't come
and my love is not a library book
you can return when
you're done with it
or when you start reading it
and you don't like the words inside
 May 2017 Cynthia A
The abyss beckons
Its gaping maw opens wide
And to you I cling
To my geisha.
 May 2017 Cynthia A
Shofi Ahmed
Art, a smile like the one
on the face of Mona Lisa.
Curved like the waxing moon
above the sea.
Light a flame before a face
yet to be seen.
What will it prevail,
will it show once for all
a slow tilt on the smiling lips
—a curve softly locks on
a rose from the sun,
or a shadow beneath the moon?
This is a poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
 Dec 2014 Cynthia A
Bear Feelings
I got new friends
Who told them?
Go use him
He works hard for you ends, To meet,
his life ain't compleate
They think sellin dime bags
Beats your poundin feet, or ****** hands, or avoiding uncle sams deadly reach
Only my real friends can see, even though sometimes they can't be, and I can't be, like we used to be, family, I havnt seen them since I last cut my christmas tree, but sometimes they call and that's when I see new friends may act right
But real friends, They Will Be
 Dec 2014 Cynthia A
Miranda Renea
Please, I'm lost -- lonely -- scared --
Always reaching -- ever
Pleading -- End. Always coveting End.
Another one where the first letter of each word spells out a phrase.
Dark metal grinding, stabbing static.
Aspiring chirps, and growing panic.
A glitch in the symphony,
a sudden epiphany.
The choir grows quiet, the church bells silent.
Absence of light, darkness takes flight.
Listened to a song by the M Machine and wrote down what I saw.
 Dec 2014 Cynthia A
Matt Kavan
I am weird
So are you
If not we'd all be
Nothing new
 Dec 2014 Cynthia A
 Dec 2014 Cynthia A
I started young at age 12
I started with ****
I lost control to dependency
I lost direction a blurry vision
People used, cheated, deceived
People fronted, hunted, couldnt be trusted
Misguided divided by my surroundings
It became a living hell
Where souls are up for sell
A place where evil dwells
Cursed for the worst casting spells
I'm just a mistake a disaster
I'm just a partner to lethal elements
Rare species, endangered species
Aztec Armory, Indian Harmony
Can't wait for the day I rise
Come by surprise slaying demons
Take them all out, for pretending
I'm a master & a father & a son
I'm a king, not a puppet on a string
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