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Miranda Renea Jun 2020
Little yellow bird, do you see
How these eyes look at me?

The green ones said I’m worthless.
The blue ones said I’m ****.

I guess in their reflection,
I come from selfish cerebration.

So let’s fly, little yellow bird.
To a kingdom far away ~

Maybe there’ll be acceptance there,
And not vehement condemnation.
Miranda Renea Jun 2020
Genuinely here, one sees this
Beautiful reality everywhere; and then heals
An acrostic poem in which the first letter of each word spells the title.
Miranda Renea Mar 2020
Somewhere there is a garden
Of phantom lilies and lilacs;
Swaying between remembrance
And wistful memory. I visit from
time to time -  if only to wonder
If their souls swim free among
Life’s blissful and chilling breeze.
Miranda Renea Feb 2020
Listless little flecks
Lazily wander down to
Rest on the ground -
They blanket an earth
That sleeps for now.
Dreams of fireflies and
Bright, blue open skies
Pass the time until roots
Take soil and come alive.
missing warm weather during these cold winter months so I wrote something short and sweet to remind myself warmer weather is just around the corner
Miranda Renea Feb 2020
I watch the clouds slip past
In the reflections they cast;
The scattered about puddles
Stretch for miles and miles.

And aren’t we all? Reflections
Of the experiences we bear;
All scattered about time,
And stretching across years.
Love life new inspiration
Miranda Renea Dec 2019
Throughout these decrepit buildings
I see so much color.
There is dirt, rusted unwanted things
And yet, isn’t it beautiful? The way
The light hits a mirror just so?

I watch the night sky and am drawn
To the beauty of a sliver of moon;
A lone star dancing just above it.
The black night sky stretches around
Them and yet, and yet..

For this is who I was, who I am, and
Who I will forever be.
one of my hobbies is exploring abandoned buildings and capturing it in photographs. this is a poem about that
Miranda Renea Dec 2019
Make no mistake - she was not
Perfectly kept and tended to by
Loving hands each night and day,
As such a fragile thing aught.

She was wild - she was free;
She lived amongst the broken
Things, took root in a crack of
Pavement and bloomed her
Vibrant petals for all to see.
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