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Miranda Renea Dec 2019
Throughout these decrepit buildings
I see so much color.
There is dirt, rusted unwanted things
And yet, isn’t it beautiful? The way
The light hits a mirror just so?

I watch the night sky and am drawn
To the beauty of a sliver of moon;
A lone star dancing just above it.
The black night sky stretches around
Them and yet, and yet..

For this is who I was, who I am, and
Who I will forever be.
Miranda Renea Dec 2019
Make no mistake - she was not
Perfectly kept and tended to by
Loving hands each night and day,
As such a fragile thing aught.

She was wild - she was free;
She lived amongst the broken
Things, took root in a crack of
Pavement and bloomed her
Vibrant petals for all to see.
Miranda Renea Nov 2019
If I gather shattered mirrors
Scattered about decrepit buildings,
Can I carve the toxic traits out of me?
How much flesh until I’m thin?
How much tongue until I shut up?
How much ****** heart until I’m loved?

Isn’t it sick?

How every time I see my
Reflection in those shards,
All I see is blood?
Miranda Renea Oct 2019
When I am laid to rest,
Burn me like the passion
I held in my chest is now
Nothing but ash and dust;
Scatter me among the wild
Flowers and ocean breeze -
Remember me when petals
Fall and wind rustles
Between the leaves.
Miranda Renea Aug 2019
Do you ever think of me too?

I wonder; are you a warm,
Nightly summer breeze -
Or chilly and full of colors
Like the autumn leaves?

What are you going through?

Do you tell a tale of tidal
Waves, brave in the face
Of roaring seas - naught
But shipwrecks to chase?

I can’t wait to meet you.

I know not if our love will
Be easy or instant, or if
We’re two broken puzzle
Pieces that’ll somehow fit.

All I know is this -
It’ll have been worth it.
Miranda Renea Aug 2019
Oh, little lost girl.
You have walked;
Left footprints in
Barren soil and
Scorching sand;
Traversed legions
Of unpaved land.

You found beauty
In all of this pain;
When your bones
Kept breaking and
Left trails of blood
On every stone -
You’d step again.

You always step again.
Miranda Renea Jun 2019
Love was only destined
For her ghost; she is the
Feeling of sunshine only
Noticed in the dead of night.
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