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 Mar 2017 Anna
 Mar 2017 Anna
It is absolutely breath-taking..

how each of his exquisite poems sing..
a distinctive melody,
*how his mind works like magic...

sculpting the most incredible forms no one could.
Brilliance just shines through his woven pieces...
no words could really define how awe-inspiring his work is.
His meticulous sublime words...
uniquely create ingenious and flawless stanzas,

making each and every one of his craft...
out of this universe.

That is truly..
how gifted he is.
the greatest tragedy of life
is not to experience
love and the worsest part
is to live
just only to breath*

 Mar 2017 Anna
Frankie Newton
precipice, precipice
on this we lie
risking one piece

the most important
you and I
this, the now, the moment

never will
the stakes be so high
or low- shrill

indignant, arrogant, honest
fear, love, pain-why?
all we know is that this is the best

that we can do

and so we go

 Mar 2017 Anna
David Bojay
 Mar 2017 Anna
David Bojay
How do I love?
In the moment is where I cry
Sensitive to you
Sensitive to the idea of forever, but I have to let myself tingle
Beyond eachother, stop signs don't bother
We're going without a green light
Gliding through the wind we trust
Satan in the mirror
God behind my back
I kiss the mirror and turn around
Smile baby boy, I just kissed and faced ideas made by humans like you
The evil and good generates from them
So how do I love?
Do I just trust a human with a ***** because I see a future?
But when I see the future, I forget I can die right now
The risk is everything
Loving you

Is everything
 Mar 2017 Anna
Dameon Smith
For years I searched
And searched
For the Light
Only to realize
I am the Sun,
And I don't need a lantern
To bring me out of the dark,
I just need
To shine brighter.
 Mar 2017 Anna
My ----
 Mar 2017 Anna
My Dear
I know our story has just began
My Eve
I would sin for you my love
My flame
I will not let the lights burn out
My Angel
I thank the mighty heavens above
My Darling
I hope I keep your smiles so dear
My Juliet
It's me and you and nothing else
My First
For everything that I had, have, will
My Last
Forevermore not til death do us part
 Mar 2017 Anna
 Mar 2017 Anna
I am of no use, is what it tells me.
That I have nothing special, and that
I am nothing compared to those around
me is the truest lie I was ever told.
It allows me to be soluble
in the lives and achievements of  others.
The individual pieces of me dissolve
into insignificant, infinitesimal specks
that serve no purpose, and amount to nothing.
Anything I do - any talents I have - will be surmounted by those
who are more than I could ever wish to be.
Alone I am whole, where the love I keep under my
sheets and between my arms tells me
she values me.
But out there - out there in the world
I am of no importance and
infinite expendability.
 Mar 2017 Anna
Michael LoMonaco
There is so much hate,
With rage depleting faith,
Crime rises to a high rate.

Embracing kindness through a truce,
Trying to end all of the abuse,
So love can produce.

Making this world a better place,
Aiming to slow down the race,
As love needs to be embraced.

Fighting to end the wars,
Starting by not keeping score,
And opening up new doors.
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