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ES Dec 2018
Three simple words and I still get tounge tied

Great job me
ES Dec 2018
The day we first met, we were side characters of the other's stories
Never speaking, white noise to mosaic faces
The day we first talked, the picture became clear,
Vibrant and prismatic
ES Dec 2018
I hate this
This feeling of indifference
This feeling of not caring
What am I missing?
Is this what I'm all amounting to?
That at the first sign of hope I cling to it and yet at the same not?
I don't wanna half-*** anymore
I want to change
I need to change
ES Jun 2018
How you set yourself up to fail
When you have not even started anything
ES Dec 2017
Nay, she was not the poem
She was the inspiration
ES Dec 2017
White noise and mosaic faces
Clear that my mind wanders
With longing and remorse
To the place what was once is
Where you and I belong
ES Dec 2017
Forever with her is just a second
And yet it still falls short
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