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Anoushka Jain Jan 2015
Shackled hands and bowed heads,
Screams of those who slowly bled.
In the middle, laughing in cold demise,
Fuelled by all those howling cries,
Stood a man with heart black as ink,
Pain and sorrow made his rink.

A little girl, with a golden smile.  
Her father was her eternal mile.
Love of a mother, stolen by ink,
Tears flew from every blink.
Stolen away was her father too,
Truly hidden in the blue.
An oath of revenge, sliced the night.
In search of ink went, her eyes bright.

The pen of life replaced by a sword,
In front the inkheart known to hoard.
Slice, the sword cut through his heart,
And charred black ink stained the dart.

No one with an ink black soul,
Can live for long in galore.
Slowly Karma takes its place,
And no human can create a brace.
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
A father smiled,
as he pat his son's head.
As he lay himself,
Down to death's bed.
He whispered,
As his breath slowed its pace.
"I've always been proud of you, son.

A child, falling,
Is steadied soon.
He looks up,
There's god's boon.
"Be there to steady me,
When I change pace."
His mother smiled,

A girl cries,
As her man's wheeled,
Screaming with sorrow,
What she's always sealed.
She ends her cries,
With a broken face.
"Stay With Me."

A thousand times in life,
Do we see this face.
Why is it always that in the end,
We have a thousand things left to say?
How many times do we wish,
That we were children, with no regrets?
So we can say what we really feel,
What we've always felt?

So buck up today,
Before its too late!
Love those who love you.
And stay with them. Always.
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
Hermione taught me,
Never dumb down.
Prim whispered,
It's Okay to fall down.
Ginny smiled,
Don't stop loving, He'll come around.

Katniss screamed,
Seize the fire.
The doctor whispered,
Rose Tyler-

Haymitch scorned,
The people need to be raised!
Snape replied,

Okay, so we conflict.
Our thoughts fight.
But whichever fandom we follow,
As a fangirl, we unite.
Books have been the reason of many people's survival, today. So, as a fangirl, here's a tribute to books.
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
I want to soar the skies,
Like a child in a Fest.
Or hold his hand,
And dance in my best dress.

I want to fall in love again,
With him forever, daily.
I won't mind the pouring rain,
As I kiss his lips, soft and gaily.

I'd close my eyes in his loving arms,
Than In heaven, where nothing harms.
I'd rather die cold and leer,
Than stay away in pitiful fear.

His smile takes away my fear,
He's my home, away or here.
Only away, I realise why I'm blue.
You can be homesick for people too.
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
The man stepped down from his horses' back, 
As he swept to save the lady. 
His eyes swept across the enemy's rack.
And it seemed too quiet to be shady. 

He heard her cries and all her pain, 
As the gunshots around him echoed. 
He knew that to walk forth meant his life was slain, 
His doom was all that beckoned. 

He walked on past, to the enemy's shack, 
And all he saw was the lady. 
He took her hand and led her back, 
His soul left to hades. 

The day he lost, all fell was rain. 
As they respected this brave old sailor.
And as he went, a smile retained, 
And that was the smile of valour.
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
A tale of adventure, A tale of strife. 
A tale of wisdom, a tale of life. 
In the streets of afghan, a quick learner
Enchanted by the kite runner. 

A tale of loss, a tale of gain.
A tale of horror, a tale of pain. 
With strife and hurt, all bestowed. 
And, the mountains echoed. 

As sorrow seeps,
Mariam weeps
A tale of hurt, 
Out to blurt. 
With arrows, bombs, axe and guns
Burnt with a thousand splendid suns.
A tribute to the Afghan writer! Hail Khaled Hosseini
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
I've Learned- 
Writing and talking, 
ease up the pain. 
You need to be scorching, 
to appreciate the rain. 

No matter how thin you slice it,
there are always two sides. 
You can be your attitude's 
or your attitude can be your guide. 

The credentials on the wall, 
don't make you a better human being. 
It's not the degrees that make us, 
it's our life and dreams. 

It takes years to build up trust, 
can be destroyed in a tick. 
Many people love you, 
they just don't know how to show it. 

A thing done in an instant,
can give you a heartache for life. 
It takes ages for love, 
a second for strife. 

People you care about,
are taken too soon. 
Life can be anything- 
A curse or a boon. 

It's a lot easier to react,
than it is to think. 
Some people disappear
by the time you blink. 

Circumstances may change us, 
but we are who we are. 
It's important to learn in life,
where to draw a bar. 

I've learned a lot from life, 
and one day it's time to go. 
It's only like Time- it goes too fast- 
So soon we all go.
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