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polihelly Jun 2018
Exist, a word that hurts every fan girls feelings
Yes it hurts, why? Because he doesn’t even know you’re alive
Are we over reacting? Maybe yes, but that’s love
Not the type of love that everyone knows

You know him but he doesn’t know you
You love him but he loves you as a Fan
You know all the facts about him but he doesn’t even know a single fact about you

There are times that he will be rumored on having a relationship with the other idols or other girls out there
It hurts, it hurts us fan girls feelings
To the point that, how you wish to be that girl, how you wish, but that wish will just remain in your mind not in your heart
But who are we, to be hurt?
We are not in the proper place to be hurt nor do we have the right to be jealous or hurt? No we don’t.
Because yeah, we are just his FANGIRLS
8 letters, 2 syllables, different meaning
You know what? Cut the beat
He will never know you; he will never understand you and he will never love you like how you do, because we’re miles away from him MILES
Does it hurt? Its okay you chose that, we chose that, we chose to be his FANGIRL we have to convict it
In fact, we should be proud being a FANGIRL,
A fangirl that is willing to love, support, understand and accept all his flaws because that’s the only thing we can do to show our love for him
ICN Sep 2015
It wasn't worth it,
everything we went through just to be together,
those Four Months of Hell.
Your previous lovers, your precious ogling fangirls, our difficult, busy schedules.
All those obstacles and yet we still tried.
For what?
For this?
This ****** excuse of a relationship?
I'm sorry for the brutal honesty,
but honestly? I'm glad we're through.
'Cause me and you might work on paper,
but reality's a different story.
what a shame
Anoushka Jain Dec 2014
Hermione taught me,
Never dumb down.
Prim whispered,
It's Okay to fall down.
Ginny smiled,
Don't stop loving, He'll come around.

Katniss screamed,
Seize the fire.
The doctor whispered,
Rose Tyler-

Haymitch scorned,
The people need to be raised!
Snape replied,

Okay, so we conflict.
Our thoughts fight.
But whichever fandom we follow,
As a fangirl, we unite.
Books have been the reason of many people's survival, today. So, as a fangirl, here's a tribute to books.

— The End —