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Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
How a humble son of Scotland
Fought to enviable height
First a paratrooper captain
Then as a British knight

This witty chap from Glasgow
Loaned himself, a decorated past
From Distinguished Service Order
To NATO's advisory cast

As the press took him in notice
His wiki posts drew no pity
As with his tale of valour
He was defamed: "Sir Walter Mitty"
Historical account: A Tale of Valour
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
Old soldiers in the firing line,
Community clubbing time,
Let's honour them in rhymes,
Now in the vault of the unleashed,
Their courage released,
For the job, they were the right men,
The flower of past generations,
People to treasure, through the ages,
In theatres of combat, such stages,
Designer beers wanted here,
On Anzac Day, we give them silent cheers.
Feedback welcome.
SassyJ Feb 2016
Hypotonic collusions
Rising in osmotic lesions
An eruptive soul reversion

Emissions of embered logs
Each lightening with a glow
A youthful straw of clemency

Pollinated sandals, handled
Gripping the flesh in vessels
Houses of lost and unreal dreams

Vicarage gardens of suppression
Masticated in delegated abstractions
A surmise of death and redistributions

Each a beat rise, slide on frosty ice
Un-enveloped in seasons of erosion
Delusional commotions sprawled

In the dance of the ecstatic programming
The body waved and led in hypnosis
******* with the intangible essence

To make sense a revised tense,I fence
Straying in lenient lunacy to fields afar
A merry to ferry the phoenix dance

Rattles shaking in transit translations
Drums pause settling in finesse pond
A coitus of dimensional valour and vice
Oh valorous and courageous Heart,
Scholarly love was all you thought to pursue.
But Life gave you another heart to love,
then, too soon, took her away from you.
A tiny heart was left in her shadow;
a child to blossom in your Life.
Too soon, too soon would she know
that Time betrays the greatest warrior,
Oh valorous and courageous Heart.
Benjamin Novak May 2015
Beauty in the sky as it blesses us with rain,
Beauty in the the words that swept away the tame,
Beauty in our fellow man whom fights with sword in hand,
Beauty that he may one day hold his peace at last my friend,
Beauty in the women whom can retort with strength and valour,
Beauty that she may one day find the grace to whit her manner,
Beauty in the blades of grass that blanket our earthly womb,
Beauty in the golden chains we lace around our tomb,
Beauty to whom it may seem is a mystery,
Can you tell me of true beauty?
Beauty is everywhere but what is it?
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