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 Feb 2015 Ananya Kalahasti
it is time
cut you
even if
it means
cutting off
a piece
of myself
True love is not getting her
A gift for everyone to see
Rather it's behind closed doors
Where your devotion is proven
When she can't sleep
And you talk her through the night
When you fall ill to some disease
And she stays by your side,
Watching your favorite shows with you

True love is not bringing your "arm candy" with you to show off
If your love her, then you love the way
She looks all the time, even when she
First wakes up, her face rid if products
If you love him, you won't read his texts, for isn't trust the cornerstone in the structure of the life you are building together?

If you love each other,
You will accept your flaws and those
Of your beloved, and cherish each other through for who you are,
Who you've been, and who
You will become
I'm not an expert, but this is my idea if love. Hapoy Valentines Day, everyone!
It doesnt matter
If i see it

It doesnt matter
If she sees it

It doesnt matter
If he sees it

It doesnt matter
If anyone in the world sees it

Because until YOU dont see it for yourself

You will never know
You will never understand
The pain you put me through everyday

Whats worse than being hurt
Is that I'm being hurt

By you
 Jan 2015 Ananya Kalahasti
Let Go
 Jan 2015 Ananya Kalahasti
If he tells you he loves you but doesn't ever prove it, let him go.
If he pushes you down more than he picks you up, let him go.
If he doesn't make you smile like he did the first time you saw him, let him go.
If he's the reason why your pillow is soaked with tears every night, let him go.
If he ever threatens to leave you because he doesn't get his way, let him go.
If he's cracking your heart a little more everyday, let him go.
If he makes her smile while you're sitting alone crying, let him go.
If he makes you hate yourself, let him go.
If he tries to change you, let him go.
If he forces you into things you don't want, let him go.
If he's the reason for the empty feeling in your chest, let him go.
If he leaves and comes back whenever he pleases, let him go.
If you've given him more than one chance and he ***** up again, let him go.

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes there's nothing else you can do. Yeah, I know you love him. You're more important, though. I promise that you will be okay without him. Don't let him drag you down no matter how much you love him because I guarantee he doesn't love you as much as he claims to.

I can't believe how amazing you are. You're the only person who's made me feel this special in a long time [delete]

are you sure you just want to be 'friends', I think I'm in love with you [delete]

can I have a goodbye kiss? I love your kisses, they taste like summer [delete]

I wish you would just say "Hi" to me in the hallways [delete]

that girl you always walk with is beautiful, I can understand why you didn't want me [delete]

when you told me I was beautiful and **** and all you would ever want, was that all a lie too? [delete]

I got a mosquito bite today and it reminded me of when we slept outside and were attacked by them [delete]

it smells like the nights we spent together [delete]

one, two, three...I've lost count of how many drinks are for you [delete]

I wish you thought about me as much as I think of you [delete]

why are your words stuck in my head [delete]

I was naive and young, I'm sorry I actually thought you loved me [delete]

it's been months since the summer nights we spent together. please tell me you miss me. [delete]

my chest hurts. my heart aches. everything about you from the way your lips tasted to how I got chills down my spine from just one touch makes me want to explode [delete]

the blood running down my wrist contains the words you said but never meant [delete]

— The End —