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My soul

 May 29 a M b 3 R
 May 29 a M b 3 R
I never expected you
To live up to your name
why did you have to crush me?
 May 29 a M b 3 R
Anaya c
for u
 May 29 a M b 3 R
Anaya c
Writing to what is already broken is a lock with no key
I know what you have found in her
you couldn’t find it in me
i wait by a lonely ocean
oh how i sing to the sea
my unconditional love for you
that you could never see
 May 29 a M b 3 R
Mae Hoek
We could have made it worked
but  you threw it all away
To anyone reading these, my boyfriend broke up with me a week before prom, and I'm writing these about him and the feelings I had an hour after he dumped me.
Breathing underwater is impossible to do.  
Moving a mountain is impossible to do with bare hands
Running for days is impossible to do.
But I would do it all for you.  
Even if it didn't let me keep you.
I wish,
I could cry it all out
let the tears roll

Ironical as it seems
I felt everything ,
The sadness in the eyes.
The happiness in the smile.
The affection of the arms.

Yet I have nothing  
The sadness in my eyes
nor fear.
The happiness in my smile
nor disgust.
The affection of the arms
nor anger.

Like sponge,
Easy to slice and slash
and simply burn to ash

And I know
it is I
barely alive
 May 10 a M b 3 R
Why do I love you?
I think at times,
It's your smile or laugh,
And the way you hold my hand,
But maybe,
The largest reason of all,
I love you because,
You remind me to love myself.
you can't
paint over me.
My mistakes,
my life, it's whom
I want to be.
So go
take your
and your paint, too,
because I love my every
stain, and I'll keep every
color; red, green,
or blue.

By my every stain I mean my every mistake or misfortune, because I learn from each one of them.

I hope it looks somewhat like a paintbrush. I messed around with it, and the result is before your eyes.
 May 10 a M b 3 R
Ed Howard
Don’t change my love
Stay broken
I’d rather have an imperfect you
Than a perfect someone
 May 10 a M b 3 R
The End
 May 10 a M b 3 R
I was waiting for a happy ending
But now I'm just waiting for the end
hopelessness is a dark place
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