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Alexa Picaulima Jan 2018
In a world full of fascination and beauty,

Identity is nowhere to be found.

I am surrounded by a society so fake,

That a smile, a grin, or a laugh is a hidden ache.

So I hide my face… I’ll make pretend, and be my own friend.

I am just a grey mind in a universe of black and white.

Every time I look up, a spark awakens,

Lighting a flame, a vision to a reality;

That at the end of the day

We are beings, best left off in the consent of silence.
This piece tells a story about a girl who, in her life, is surrounded by the fake society. As she grows up she realizes that she is different from the others, mostly because she, out of all people that she judges, hasn’t found her true identity. But that is just she is in this phase of life. She leaves it at that as she understands that people have their own ways of showing off themselves, no matter how cheesy.

I wrote this piece for a short fashion film for a magazine. What's written is fiction.
Alexa Picaulima Apr 2017
We're all living in a world where being happy is the main challenge; where everyone's ****** and the only peace is silence.
Alexa Picaulima Apr 2017

                           A MIND
                                A LIFE
                                     A SOUL
Alexa Picaulima Oct 2016
Small eyes
Pale skin
Gentle smile
Warm hands

How you joke
About my joke
And say good morning
When the sun is rising

You are a boy
Who carries such coy

There was a spark in me
Ready to burn
You clinked me open
Just to light your cigarette

And when it's done
You throw the **** on the ground
To be stepped on

You tell me hold on
While you go looking for another pack
Slowly moving a step
As I certainly accept

But I don't know


I do not know
I do not know
I do not know

I just want to
Get to know you
Alexa Picaulima Aug 2016
I don't remember falling in love with you.
I just remember
how it was,
holding your hand,
realizing it was going to be
the last time
and how much it was going to hurt
when I would have to let it go.
Alexa Picaulima Jul 2016
It is slowly entering the months of rainy season.
One month,
Two months,
Three months,
November rains,
December ends.
Alexa Picaulima Jul 2016
She shuts the door to the outside world
As she puts the blame on the wind, she asks the sky if she could fly
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