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isn't it crazy to feel everything and nothing all at once?

people say hate and fear are the worst feelings..

No the worst feeling doesn't have a word.

Its the unspoken, full of hollowness.

my mind is constantly reminding me of this feeling. demanding i take up as little space as possible.
Every soul is experiencing such radical perspectives.
No matter how much you think you understand, you don't.
Hating what I've done.
Hating who I've become.
Where did I go wrong?
Has it been that long?
Have I forgot what it means to live but merely i exist.
Whatever the circumstance is I know I will live.
I will fight for health.
We are warriors of light.
In this hollow place.

We must thrive, or we shall die.
With every shift through consciousness I am awaken once more.
Wave after wave it flows through all that is and all that will ever be.
When I look at you I see eternity.
With all the passing faces we've had there is no union greater.
We have always been One.

Wicked the ego to tear us apart,
Warriors of light we are.
Withstand whatever comes our way.

Wrapped in your arms.
Wishing this was true.
Waiting for time to pass so I can be with you.
  Nov 2014 Alexandra Tillmann
I want to softly whisper
incomplete poems
on your collar bones
that don't rhyme with anything
but your heavy breathing.

I want to bury my face
in the curves of your neck
because you smell like the winter clouds
and I've been gazing at the sky
since you left.
With everyday that goes by there's less time between us.

While I am me and you are you, we are somehow one.

Nothing questions by mind anymore. Only certainty.

Time justifies means. Distance means littles.

Who travels for love finds a thousand miles, not longer than one.

Fear or Love... you say?

You taught me how to love. Unconditionally.

We have lost time but that was the only way we could gain more.

My affection seems to isolate me in the deepest moments from all others, and it makes me speak with my whole heart and soul to you and only you.
Let light fill the void.

Be one with me.

              What fills these depths will never be purity.
again and again and again.

Gasping for air, I sink lower
Into the unknown.
Where am I?

How did we get here?

Take it all away.

With a whisper of my name. I forget.

Only for a short time.
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