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Emmy Feb 2015
I am the sun
and you
are the moon:
my tidal-wave
are controlled
by you

So when it’s 2am
in the middle of the night,
I know why
I can’t
sleep tight.
Emmy Feb 2015
and i swear your breath in the cold air might as well have been cigarette smoke, the way it filled my lungs with a taste i couldn't forget and left them begging for something that i knew would only hurt me
Emmy Jan 2015
I do not know you
I do not know your name or the name of
the song that nearly brings you to tears
but my god you are beautiful
Emmy Dec 2014
I miss your wrists;
and the way they unhinge
at the cliff edge of my shoulders.
I miss standing breath to breath,
close enough to feel your heart
making music against my chest.
Emmy Dec 2014
You are so
B e a u t i f u l
it hurts;
The silhouette
of your frame
even when my eyes
are closed
  Dec 2014 Emmy
Inhale, Exhale, Repeat.
Close your bright eyes, they say too much.
Don’t speak, you can’t change anything.
Inhale, Exhale, Repeat. As if you are sleeping.

Stretch your body as far as you can.
Make it bigger, longer,
like you have spent your life in a smaller man’s coffin.

Be still.
Don’t blink, don’t part your trembling lips, don’t move your toe three quarters of an inch.
Be still.

Scream. LOUDER. Softer.
Scream as high as you can. Louder. You have to scream to save your life. SCREAM.

Don’t Speak. You can’t change anything.

Look into your eyes in the mirror.
Keep looking, you can’t back down.
Don’t blink, keep looking.
Keep looking.

Blink. Blink again.
More. Faster.
Blink until you can’t see anything anymore
until you are blind

Clench your fists. Grit your teeth. Flex your muscles.
Your arms, your legs, your toes.
Make your body tight.

Be liquid.
Don’t speak, you can’t change anything.
Emmy Nov 2014
and i promise
that every single night
before the darkness
swallows this already
blackened world,
i'll tell you how
beautiful you are to me.
i'll tell you how much
i adore you
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