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Aimee Harris Aug 2015
Dear lover
I regret to inform you that I cannot refer to you as my lover any longer.
Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of love
See, two people can be together without love
Two people start out without love and may progress into it
But that was never going to be the case for us.
I cannot refer to you as my lover because we are not lovers;
We may have *** but we do not make love
Because to make love you need to have love
Have the intention for love.
Love making makes love and love allows for love making.
Dear lover
I've realised now that you were never going to love me.
It was never in your intentions to love me
Nor to make love to me;
I can't even remember an instance when you called me lover.
Perhaps the name was implanted within me because I had the intention of love
I was ready for your love and love making
But you didn't want to write me any letters.
Dear lover
I regret to inform you that your lack of letters has meant I was unaware of your lack of intentions
And I fear I may have fallen
And might want to call you my lover forever
Signed, a lover of non existent letters.
Aimee Harris Jun 2015
Never fall for a musician
Because even once they're out of your life
Their songs will still get stuck in your head
And it will break you
Aimee Harris Apr 2015
I made holes
Inside myself
Bigger than the holes
That you created
Inside me
Aimee Harris Apr 2015
Tonight, I write in blue
I write with a thick marker on thin paper
I press hard onto the page
And make the ink run;
Make it bleed beneath the cover
A stain
A bruise.
Tonight, I write in blue
When I normally write in red
I scrape my letters together
And force them into words
With sharp edges
Sharper tongue.
Tonight, you make me write in blue.
You make me blue
When we used to be red.
  Apr 2015 Aimee Harris
Danielle Shorr
Palm of hand touching hair touching cheek touching
you for the first time
Lend me your hips like
a sweet favor
I will teach this body rhythm and
the music of us will echo into
the bricked walls, syncing together melodies of
contact, electrical wire sparking in this blood, your
heart beating its way out of chest,
the softness, a catalyst for fire, I almost
swear I can hear the air particles kissing,
speaking, they are singing,
closer, closer

"gravity, is working against me"

the dark means nothing without
a glow under covers and
wrinkled sheets holding us eager, silent learning,
don't let go just yet,
we are falling,
further into each other,

"just keep me where the light is."
Aimee Harris Mar 2015
I want you to love me like sand.
I want you to find me in your pockets
A week after you've been to the beach.
I want to fill your hourglass
And pour myself out
To count our time apart.
I want you to build castles
From my shattered pieces;
To build a temple
From this ruined frame.
I want you to make me hotter than I've ever been;
To touch me with pressure so hard
I turn to glass.

I want you.
I want you.
I want you.
World Poetry Day contribution.
Aimee Harris Mar 2015
I see galaxies in your eyes
But I fear they’re made up of stars
Other stars
More stars
More than just me.
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