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Andy Chunn Aug 24
Pictures of you and me
Smiling falsely into silicon and sand
Two empty containers can be
Hopelessly contented and blaringly bland.

The big eye caught us straight
And lied to those who see.
Time for us may labor and wait
But autumn may never be.

The link between us is growing
The fissure enlarges too.
Words and feelings glowing,
I worry for me and you.

Future may cease my heart-sweat,
Graves may close my pains,
For now it’s truly a sure-bet,
Drama in lovers’ lanes.
Andy Chunn Aug 16
My Dad would never cause any problem
For forty years he worked hard every day
      But when he took the time to talk to me
I remember the words that he would say
“Point your toes the way that you’re walkin’
Be happy with the things that you do
Listen well and do a lot less talkin’
And close the gate when you go through”

Summertime in Tennessee was steaming hot
And we’d go down to Lovell’s country store
He’d say, “if your not happy with what you’ve got,
Then you won’t be happy with more.”

He never had a lot of education
But each year I know he read a hundred books
The man who laid for me my foundation
Said life is not as hard as it looks

“Just point your toes the way that you’re walkin’
Be happy with the things that you do
Listen well and do a lot less talkin’
And close the gate when you go through.”
Simple life.
Andy Chunn Aug 12
Bang!  My lips turn down to frown
Windage and elevation, it didn’t feel right.
Turning the turrents, two left and two down
Minute of angle accommodating my sights.

Both eyes open and steady hands
Acquire the target and slow the heart
Breathe, and lets the bags of sand
Steady the path as the bullet departs.

Still high and right, the target would say
Turn left and down adjustments are made
Bang, and another shot on the way
Near center circle, the lead had been laid

Now the world was leaving my vision
The target grew bright, in focus and clear
The shot required not a single decision
No hesitation or thinking, no doubt and no fear

And just for a moment, I was alone
No thoughts or distractions, no notice of the world
No intrusion for me, immersed in the zone
Laser precision about to be hurled.

Bang, the shot rang clarity clear
Point of aim and impact are justified now
Slowly I come back to those who are near
They never knew I was gone anyhow

Maybe engrossment, or perhaps a trance
It’s hard to discern what is what
Just like the dancer is really the dance
I am the shooter - I am the shot
in the zone
Andy Chunn Aug 4
Summer sun scorches
The breath still.

Morning wave
Buries its hate
In scratching grass-sounds.

Floating yellow
Line of sight bends
In brain-sensed tease.

Empty canyons fall
Beyond stillness.

Caution winds silent spirals,
Soaring distance -- unswerving sight.

Melted minutes
Sultry stares
Torrid tease
Andy Chunn Jul 30
About the time you voiced to me
Above the river, by the tree
Across the bridge we saw the lights
Against the setting moon of night.

Behind my fears and fitful mood
Beside the others chatting rude
Between my silence and vacant  talk
By evening on a summer walk.

Except for fumbled fervent words
For you I wish my feelings heard
From a challenged passive way
In wait my lonely times would lay

Into the words, what could I do
Of nouns and verbs and pronouns too
On days I scout without success
Over terms I should address

Through magic words a pact is made
To phrasing language dues are paid
Toward prepositions, there points a sign
Upon the start  of every  line
Toward the goal I say.
Andy Chunn Jul 20
Startled sprinkles twinkle and toll
The time ignores my grunts and groans
Everyday empties its force of roll
Cannons sound -- and mothers moan

Between the place where time is not
And heaven’s hell slams its door
Little men with giant heads hot
Are lost beneath the fluid floor

New nothings interrupt the waste
Of petty playthings -- argue -- lose
Experience coats with sugar taste
The salty melancholy muse

Perhaps -- possible -- should -- could -- can
“I saw it rise and fall alone”
Reaction time relative to man
Depends on tendered tailored tones

Wishes want thickness, color and cover
Design for moth and spider to loan
Answers are easy like lionized lovers
And time ignores my grunts and groans
Growing old is the pits.  Not growing old is worse.
Andy Chunn Jul 12
Many moments recalled in pain
Even as everyone wonders in vain
Martin lay motionless at the Lorraine
Photos pour popular chords of disdain

His was a hallowed history to gain
Innocence into infinity’s drain
Seasons secure will never be slain
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