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 Jan 2015 kRose
Kimberly Rose
I looked at you
And I saw stars in your eyes.
The kind of stars
You see in a winter night
Hanging in front
Of a deep blue backdrop.
And every color of the galaxy
Was imprisoned in your irises.
The more I looked,
I found that your heart
Was more unique than your eyes.
It lacked four chambers
And arteries
And veins.
It was not like every other heart.
It took the shape
Of a crescent moon
That seemed to shine brighter
Than the sun.
And I was envious.
I was just another robot,
With a pulse
But no purpose.
But your captivating beauty
Was merely a test.
And seeing that my lips
Can no longer verbalize
Of anything other than your eyes,
I clearly have failed.
 Jan 2015 kRose
That girl who locked herself in the room
took out a blade and stained it on her skin

I don't know her anymore

That girl who shoved ******* down her throat thinking that she would be skinny

I don't know her anymore

That one who showed her scars to the ones who cared.
And laughed at their advice because she thought hurting herself was the right thing to do.

I don't her anymore.

That girl who saw herself in a coffin,planned out her funeral because she wanted to die more than anything else.

I don't know her anymore.

That girl who saw only darkness in the tunnel,threw herself in a shell and hid from the world above.

I don't know her anymore.

That one who refused to chase her dreams.

*I don't know her anymore.
2012 and 2013 were tough years for me. 2014 was the time i spent trying to recover but gave myself away to bulimia.
i ain't taking that kind of **** in 2015. For real, I am ready for anything that life throws at me. It will be hard,but i will rise.
also, by May I will be one year clean from hurting myself and bulimia.
 Dec 2014 kRose
Insane Reverie
One early morning,
Let me have you
By my side,
Get me a pen & paper
Ask me a poem to write
About our first
May be our forever
May be you can drive me a little
Or harder
Or faster
We can talk about colors
May be color from last night
"Red" thats fallen
On our bedsheet
we have been turn on
You look blessed
There's no reason for you to not
Everything has its cover
We dont have any
Nudeness is no problem
When soul is shared already

May be you could tease me a little
About last night
then, i would hide my face
With the paper
Where poem, i'm supposed to write
i blushed
There you could talk about my beauty
Girls love appriciation
She expects them
Even if she dont have any...

You could hold me
While i write
Around my waist
Or may be a little up,tight
I am all yours
And you are my only guy
I might scribble on your arm
The victory of love we had
I might write poem
On your whole body
Cause paper is not enough
To put on a act

I gasp !
Fantasies are such a beautiful thing to have.
Poets may not have lived the moment for real but they're no such moment they havent fantasize about..
thats the beauty of poetry,poets,poems.
 Dec 2014 kRose
Bhaskar Dhakal
Five years from now,
you will be a lady.
You will marry:
not only the man
but his family,
his misery n ecstasy,
his flaws and his perfection.
You will build patience
and devotion.
Each day,
you shall be radiant
and you shall shine.
But will you still be mine?

Fifteen years from now,
you will be a mother.
You will have a couple of kids.
You will learn to:
compromise and sacrifice.
You will be softer, kinder and stronger.
And you will also try to be harder.
Happiness will no longer be abstract.
You will be complete
and you shall look more divine.
But sweetheart, will you still be mine?

Thirty years from now,
you will have lived an era.
You will be wise and insightful.
Your children will look at you
and be inspired.
You will remember your parents
and smile a little inside.
You will have wrinkles
plus your hair will turn grey.
Those signs of ageing
will never matter, hey.
Because by then,
You will have achieved everything
and the whole world will be thine.
But love, will you still be mine?

Forty years from now,
you will have grandchildren by your side.
You will realize that heaven
is not somewhere in the sky.
You will look at those kids and
thank the almighty
for the years that passed by.
You will have nothing to regret
and every moment you'll feel satisfied.
Kids, grand kids, laughter n love
will be your ultimate wealth
and your cloud nine.
But my dear, will you still be mine?
 Dec 2014 kRose
Amitav Radiance
Let love be in our heart
Gratitude for everyone
The finest season to reflect
And spread happiness
We are here, together
It is one world
And let’s reach out to greet
Magic is in the air
Best wishes for all
Being there for each other
Let that be a prayer
This season is a reminder
To keep love in our heart
Every day of the year
Wishing everyone here, on Hello Poetry, Merry Christmas! Thank you everyone for all the love, support and encouragement. Let's pray for a beautiful year ahead.
 Dec 2014 kRose
I want to know your mother's maiden name and
The feel of my palms on your skin
And the taste of you
And know what your breaths against the back of my neck are.
I want your hand in my hand and to know the length that you prefer your fingernails at
I want
I want
I want.
I want to know what your eyelids feel like against your eyeballs and
How the blood in your heart works, feel it through your skin
I want to know every person you have ever touched
And their faces,
And the way your skin feels on their skin,
That friend of a friend that you shook hands with ten years ago in a Tuesday morning in September an it was cold out, so you were wearing fingerless gloves, and they'd forgotten their gloves on a bus three days ago and so their hands were bare and your fingertips just brushed their wrist -
I want that.
I want you in the morning, at the kitchen table, sleep-missed an bleary-eyed
And I want to know what you eat for breakfast and if you love bacon
Or if you're not that bothered
And I want to know
Who you were with last New Years
And the New Years before that
And every present you've ever received for Christmas
And every person you've kissed.
I want you to know my thoughts
And I want to know yours
And I want you.
Channeling an odd muse today.......... lil creepy, I think.
 Dec 2014 kRose
Crystal Erickson
The great beauty of life
All the error and strife
All the sadness cast
When love doesn't last
When your torn and shred
Left gutted and bled
Solitude and misery
No longer your enemy
Cry let it out
Scream rage and shout
Then open your eyes
Relax and realize
Life isn't ending
Merely transcending
When the self pity and weeping
And the emotional reaping
Finally stop and unblind you
A new love will find you
And gloriously bind you

© Crystal Erickson  11/24/07
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