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Bhaskar Dhakal Dec 2014
Five years from now,
you will be a lady.
You will marry:
not only the man
but his family,
his misery n ecstasy,
his flaws and his perfection.
You will build patience
and devotion.
Each day,
you shall be radiant
and you shall shine.
But will you still be mine?

Fifteen years from now,
you will be a mother.
You will have a couple of kids.
You will learn to:
compromise and sacrifice.
You will be softer, kinder and stronger.
And you will also try to be harder.
Happiness will no longer be abstract.
You will be complete
and you shall look more divine.
But sweetheart, will you still be mine?

Thirty years from now,
you will have lived an era.
You will be wise and insightful.
Your children will look at you
and be inspired.
You will remember your parents
and smile a little inside.
You will have wrinkles
plus your hair will turn grey.
Those signs of ageing
will never matter, hey.
Because by then,
You will have achieved everything
and the whole world will be thine.
But love, will you still be mine?

Forty years from now,
you will have grandchildren by your side.
You will realize that heaven
is not somewhere in the sky.
You will look at those kids and
thank the almighty
for the years that passed by.
You will have nothing to regret
and every moment you'll feel satisfied.
Kids, grand kids, laughter n love
will be your ultimate wealth
and your cloud nine.
But my dear, will you still be mine?
Bhaskar Dhakal Dec 2014
Free your mind, relax your soul
Relish the present, forget the bygone
Open up; identify the colors in the space
Be hopeful and Make the most out of your existence
Let the sun shine on you; take a bath in light
Feel the energy; kick the impossibilities out of sight
Chase a butterfly and listen to the birds chirping,
How wonderful is their tone and the singing.
Let yourself loose with the flowing rill
Touch the serenity of a sea; tell me how do you feel?
Watch the flowers blossom and lose yourself on the fragrance
Set your foot out, embrace the rain and dance
Let the wind tickle you and provide you the bliss
Notice the glow on your beloveds’ face when you give them a kiss
Don’t curse the dark, it bestows you the moon and the star
Light the candles instead, push your terrors far
Enjoy the life as if there is no tomorrow
Be positive and you will discover no sorrow
Unearth the splendors, they are all around you
You smile at the world and the world will smile at you
Bhaskar Dhakal Dec 2014
This Valentine’s Day,
I will not promise you
the twinkling stars
or the dreamily shimmering
blue moon.
No, don’t get me wrong,
My love, But,
I will not promise all those
that I cannot really gift you.

I will vow to love you
till the eternity
And make you realize
howspecial you are.
And you’ll crave for
no cloudland.
Because my love will be your
Only euphoria.
And I will promise you
Honesty, love, trust and happiness.

I will not promise you
the bed of roses only.
For I know every rose
comes with its thorn.
Life can be cruel at times
and I promise at those
harsh moments,
I will be the last person
to leave you alone.

What good are the big vows,
when one fails to bestow
even a simple smile?
What good are the big crystal moon
and the twinkling stars when
you have eclipse in your heart
and misery in your eyes?
Today, my dear,
the world has failed to realize
that happiness comes from within.

So sweetheart,
I will not promise you
only the happy days ahead.
For life is the blend of
ecstasy and agony.
But I will assure you that
in every strive,
you’ll find your hand
locked in mine
and together we will make
our future shine.

I will not promise
the expensive pillows
to make you sleep at night.
But I will guarantee that
my arms will be there
to hug you tight.
And, in my arms,
may your eyes shut
with utter pleasure
every single night…

I want you to know this,
that your smile is my
only Sunshine,
Your ever glowing face
is my full moon.
And, the ever fluttering
big glowing eyes are
my glittering stars..

My love, if today,
you catch my hand and
whisper in my heart
that you love me,
I will need no particular day
as Valentine’s day
to love you and express myself.
Because with you beside me
every day will be my
special day.
Every day will be my Valentine’s day.
Every day I will love you.

I promise that.
Bhaskar Dhakal Dec 2014
When the conditions go wrong
when there are no jingles of a song
when the world loses its melody
when there is nothing but the tragedy
Together we shall stand

When the flowers lose their fragrance
when the peacock forgets the merry dance
when the sunlight is clogged by the cloud
when the shrieks of pain and terror are loud
Together we shall stand

Together we shall stand
and find the desired path
which leads us to the serene land
leaving behind the abhorrence and the wrath

Together we shall stand
till you trust me
and I trust you.
we’ll create a world of new
Just put your hand on my hand
together we shall stand

Together we shall stand
Till the eternal days ahead………

— The End —