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 Jan 2015 kRose
Kimberly Rose
This roof over our heads can't make us a family.
a ten word story
 Jan 2015 kRose
Thank you for breaking me
And making me
A better me

Thank you for hurting me
And making me
A stronger me

Thank you for shooting me
And making me

Thank you for burning me
And making me
This is an older poem. Things have changed since then. But this poem is highly relative to a lot of people and I liked it well enough so I posted it.
 Jan 2015 kRose
Kimberly Rose
You were my calm before the storm,
But little did you know,
When you weren't around
I was dancing in the rain,
Under the limelight of lightning bolts.
 Jan 2015 kRose
Kimberly Rose
You loved me because I was innocent.
But, darling
Your eyes were too blind
To the deeper meaning
Behind long sleeves
And solo cups.
 Jan 2015 kRose
Kimberly Rose
I am feeling very 3 AM.
Restless and lonely,
Craving a love,
Or a friend,
Or someone to fill the emptiness
And silence that consumes me,
As if the clock is stuck at 3 AM.
I'm used to 3 AM.
But one of these days,
I will feel 11 PM.
Invincible and alive,
In love with love,
And filled with joy.
Maybe one of these days,
I can feel 11 PM,
Even when the clock on the wall
Tells me it's time to feel 3 AM.
"it's the clock on the wall, Kimmie"
"point to it"
 Jan 2015 kRose
Kimberly Rose
If you haven’t fallen in love with the way my lips call your name,
Then you surely cannot kiss them.
If you haven’t gotten lost in the riptide of my bright, blue eyes,
Then why should I point them in your direction?
If you don’t smile at the thought of me every time you hear Bruce Springsteen,
Then you should just change the station on your car radio.
And if the thought of me doesn’t terrify you more than any nightmare you’ve ever dreamt,
Then please darling, save us from ourselves and just walk away.
I guess I just want to scare you
 Jan 2015 kRose
Haiku 3
 Jan 2015 kRose
Tomorrow is like
The choices we make today
Certain but unknown
 Jan 2015 kRose
Haiku 14
 Jan 2015 kRose
The beauty of eyes
When examined too closely
Is a disaster
 Jan 2015 kRose
Tristan W
 Jan 2015 kRose
Tristan W
Shrapnel leaves a scar.
My wounds heal like molasses.
Slower than syrup.
Random stuff
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