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  Sep 2014 Cam
Paul Costa
Dear the softhearted:
Sympathy won’t come.
Mourn this day
and drink its poison,
leave the ones disembodied
to haunt and garrotte.

Dear the kindhearted:
Forgiveness won’t come.
Stand thin, bloodless.
Who’s waiting at home for you?
  Sep 2014 Cam
I am not just my fathers daughter
Please can we slaughter
This idea that we belong to others
I am not another's

I am not just my mothers daughter
Please can we alter
This idea that we are not whole
I am not a doll you can control

I am not just someone's girlfriend
This view must end

Why do I have to defend this dead-end?
I recommend you look again
My fire has awoken, yet
You lit your cigarette
Has my individuality become a threat?
Please do not forget
I am not just a silhouette

                                           I am **someone
  Sep 2014 Cam
Tark Wain
30 years from now
our children will ask us why
we let our leaders fight like rabid dogs
I doubt we'll have a sufficient answer
  Sep 2014 Cam
Josiah Wilson
Death, blood, violence, death
Everyone eventually
will stop drawing breath
And the sleep comes to all

Eternal and quiet
We lay in these halls
Waiting, still waiting
For our descendants to call

For when they most need us
We'll rise from this grave
And march forth to battle
Their young lives to save

We'll make our way out
With our axes and swords
Though long we have slept
Now we march forth to war

To cleave heads from necks
And to shed the foe's blood
This day shall be won
As we knew that it would

The enemy will cower
And flee to his home
He'll hide away there
And no more will he roam

Death, blood, violence, death
Our enemies fallen
They sleep without breath
As we were, now they are
  Sep 2014 Cam
Brynn Louise
If the stars were red
And the moon was black
Would we still romanticize the sky?

Would we want to send men past our atmosphere?
Or would we fear what's above,
Believing that demons lived in the space above us?
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