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Tark Wain Apr 2019
The man I'll one day meet
won't be handsome, at least not to you
if he were an apple on a shelf,
he'd be the last one you'd choose,
bruised on the outside, yes
but that makes the inside sweeter
the one no one wanted
the middle of a 5 seater

The man I'll one day meet
I can see him when I sleep
sometimes will get coffee
and he'll ask me...
about me,
like he cares, like he's there
like even if I haven't met him yet
we're not wasting time

The man I'll one day meet
will make it all worth
all the heartbreak, all the anger
all the sadness, all the misplaced joy
The man I'll one day meet
is somewhere, right now,
thinking about me.
And I can't wait to tell him I'm doing the same
Tark Wain Oct 2018
People only like you when it's convenient,
People only like you when it's convenient
Not your family,
but only them because they have
Don't laugh at this you know it's
They're not with you when you need them
When you're dark and cold and stormy,
They cheer for the islands they're whisked away

Even you,
The one I was there for, when you needed me
Even when I didn't want to be,
I would have scaled a thousand mountains
Get to you.
I guess it never mattered
You say you'll be there for me, but I don't trust you
Tark Wain May 2018
When you left silently
it reminded me
why it seems to be
I don't revise my poetry
Tark Wain Apr 2018
I want to
feel nothing for you.
I want to
soak myself in Novocain
when you pass me on the street.
I want to
not be blown away by the way
your hips shift when you walk .
I want to
delete memories of you
like they were data on a disk.
I want to
shove you so deep into a crowded backpack.
That thousands of years could pass
before I found you.
I want to
be like the neutered dog
able to **** away and away
with no consequence.
I want to
close my eyes and think of anything else
literally anything else
like dead bodies decaying
or something along those lines.
I want to
be free from your chains
and I mean that.
You don't seem to understand that
but I do.

Mean it.

Believe me.

I want to feel nothing for you.
Tark Wain Apr 2018
cutting off bits of my infected self
and sharing them with you
but the pieces are small
so the poison's diluted
so you get to go home ok
and I...
I get to hurt a little less
Tark Wain Apr 2018
Sometimes I want to take my car
and drive to the middle of a desert
and get out and lay down and just stay there
until something happens.
Like a coyote eats me
or a dust storm blows me away...
I don’t know why I come up here
all the time,
maybe it’s like weird,
free therapy for me. I’m sorry,
I know that when I talk
I *** people out...
I think I’m poison.
And maybe getting up here is like me cutting
off bits of my infected self and
sharing it with you.
But the pieces are small
so the poison’s diluted,
so you get to go home ok.
And I… I get to hurt a little bit less.
Tark Wain Mar 2018
Are we certain Eden's snake is evil?
Do the scales hide someone who's
grown hungry for the taste of upheaval?
Someone who saw more than a pair of two
see what I mean, and what I argue here.
That it was Eve's fault that she believed
because the intent of a snake is clear
she should have expected to be deceived.
Perhaps I'm saying you shouldn't blame me,
and maybe its convenient for me to shift
the blame onto you, but honestly
I told you we were bound to drift.

I don't feel the need to apologize because
Before we began you knew what I was.
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