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Ramón Feb 2021
You don’t want to be my friend?
Fine, I’ll make friends with the voices in my head that you bully me for having anyway.
Ramón Feb 2021
A face that makes my butterflies hover
A smile that changes the weather
A body that defies physics
Hair that the wind can’t keep its hands off of
Feet that haunt my day dreams
A personality that could brighten Sheol
Your physiology is my mythology
Ramón Mar 2019
What is god?
Who is god?
Is he, or it, bound by religion?
Or does its omnipresence go beyond man-made margins?
Why should I believe?
What happens if I don’t?
Will I burn in hell, is sunscreen sold down there?
Does my sarcasm and mockery infuriate you?
Do you want to punish me, I thought you loved me?
Why did you create me, out of boredom?
For your glory, your amusement, at my expense?
Why am I instructed to listen but you don’t speak?
I can’t even touch you so you can’t feel my pain,
Your throne is far more superior to the **** filled toilet I’m forced to mount everyday in life,
Am I really made in your image, then how come I’m not perfect?
Are you not able to heal, then why am I hurting?
Am I not your child, then why am I starving for the things you’ve promised?
Are you not omniscient, then why do I have to ask for these things?
Are you not all powerful, or are you just unwilling?
What is divinity?
I desire simplicity of the intricacy of infinity,
Who is this GOD?!
A fraud, my rod, the one who I can count on when times get hard?
What if told you I don’t like to read?
Would you then read me the Bible before bed like a child, since you are my father, right?
Is your throne comfortable, you know, the one that sits above all else in the highest of heavens?
Because comfort is foreign to the feet that are oppressed by the gravity of the reality you’ve trapped me in,
But as long as you’re okay,
Just trying to be unselfish, isnt that what you want?
Well what about what I want?
Isn’t that how a relationship works, isn’t that what you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Do you want just me?
How can you want me when you won’t even tell me who I am?
How can you ask of me what you refuse to give to me in the first place?
I know that I’m a little out of character, seeming that you are the creator of everything and decide my fate and all,
Excuse my humanness as I question your godhood, but these things I just gotta know,
And who better to answer them other than you?
Not a book, not a preacher, not religion....... but you
Ramón Mar 2019
I would've bent time & space for you, if you had made space & time for me
Could’ve had a little poetic justice, made you rhyme with me
Love is blind, but I knew one day I would see
That love, just ain’t for me
Ramón Mar 2019
Discipline your mind to think rationally and realistically
Let your reasons rhyme and your rhymes never be without reason
Resist resistance and render all rendering rendered
Be relentless with repentance,
righting every wrong until there’s only room for rewards
Whether god sent or godless be on guard regardless
Rearrange the soul of your renegade, show him how to be a real man
Until the distribution of retribution, this is the restitution
And remember, you are who you think
Ramón Mar 2019
I have broken my time loop
I have escaped from my pocket universe
I have defied the gravity of my material prison and have become pure energy and consciousness
And with this energy,
I will do what I want, say what I want, and think what I want
With my consciousness, I will stay aware of my freedom
My freedom will be omnipresent and I will have omnipotence over it
And with those two, I will gain omniscience
For knowledge is the true power
And as long as I have knowledge of my freedom, I have the power to do anything
Ramón Mar 2019
It’s not your beauty that excites me, but your ugly truths that opposes it

It’s not the time we share, but our moments apart that makes us appreciate the time given

It’s not the rhythmic step of our heartbeats that binds us, but the stitches woven into the rifts between us that proves to be strong

Your accomplishments, attributes, and aesthetics surely accessorizes your artwork, but it’s your woes, worries, and war wounds that has sculpted you into a figure too complex for marble

Your blood is as intoxicating and velvet as a rose, but it’s the thorns that puncture that allows the blood to seep through

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s your hidden blemishes that keeps my eyes searching

Love is blind but somehow you still caught my eye

The sun rises and the night falls all in the same day

So why can’t I love your beauty and your flaws in the same way

— The End —