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जो हमे नामंजूर है वो कसूर बार बार करते हो,
प्यार हमे है तुमसे, और तुम गेरों से आंखे चार करते हो
भूल जाते हैं हम भी गीले शिकवे सारे,
जब तुम मुस्कुराते हो, और कहते हो के हमे प्यार करते हो
 Mar 2020 R Arora
Nola Leech
 Mar 2020 R Arora
Nola Leech
Hold me like a prayer
Broken wings spread
Ready for flight
Caress me like a rose petal
Delicate, fragile, wilting
Fix me like the cars you’re always working on
I’m slowing down
Can’t finish this race
I can’t fly
I’m weighing you down
 Mar 2020 R Arora
just a joke
 Mar 2020 R Arora
It was a joke
he didn’t mean to lift his hand
he didn’t mean to bring it down

he didn’t mean to raise it a second time
he didn’t mean to commit a second crime.

He didn’t mean it.

But if everyone got pardoned
for the things they said and did without meaning,
everyone would hit
and no one would mean it.
Again, actions speak louder than words, and ironically, that is because you can't say them.
Trust the first fist,
not the apology that comes after when the deed is already done.
 Mar 2020 R Arora
Kafka Joint
Would you like to come up for a coffee?
- (smiling) Just a coffee?
- A good coffee is never just a coffee!
 Aug 2019 R Arora
Dance with me
 Aug 2019 R Arora
Dance with me

your hands in places

I crave you

kiss my neck

Dance with me

till the sun greets

whisper what you need

all your desires

Dance with me

the stars our only light

our bodies

the only warmth
 Jun 2019 R Arora
your worth
 Jun 2019 R Arora
and just because
your problem seems a little less significant
than another
doesn’t mean
you aren’t worth to be given
a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day
 Feb 2019 R Arora
Ankita Gupta
Open the door
Enter the time that lapsed
Draw out the curtains
There is light from the past
Breathe the air
Dance to the tunes slow and fast
Ride the carriages
Travel to the time of chance
Alone, I am happy


            Will never be
 Dec 2018 R Arora
 Dec 2018 R Arora
my first crush committed suicide.
i remember the hurt at a young age
from chasing him around his living room
begging him for a kiss.
from my young age i knew i wanted him
in my life forever.
through his weaves and gagging
running around the furniture and up the stairs,
losing him sounded foreign then
and having lost him now, still feels the same.
our fathers drank and our mothers giggled
born three months apart
our future planned together
both saying "i do"
uniting us all together.
life flew on by
us both fighting with ourselves
and downing the bottles underneath the bed
loaded and silenced
family portraits painted in red
long life memories all put to rest.
only one made it out alive
but it's hard to breathe
out of us how was it me
and you in a little box
where a diamond ring should be.
my mind keeps wondering
when will i stop chasing you
then my heart replays
every time you turned a corner
you looked over your shoulder
and how you smiled at me.
i miss you
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