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R Arora Nov 2017
We all have bad days,
And just now must be mine,
What are you smiling at,
Haven't you had thine?

Rejections and failures,
And numerous palls of sadness,
I've pulled through these before,
I have got the finesse!

Although some confidence gets undermined,
And my fate is, apparently,
In the hands of you- an imbecile;
But I am still okay to walk on.
Surprise, surprise! I am not dying.

One day the tables will turn,
And I want you to feel what I feel.
I am not looking at revenge,
For neither are you made of steel.

I think I will let go of it,
And the time shall move on,
For that's what it does best.
As for me,
Skilled sailors were never made by the seas
That were the smoothest.

Patience is the key.
Inspired by Chase Goehring's 'A Capella'.
November poem done!
R Arora Oct 2017
Reading a book by a tree,
With sunshine dancing on the face;
Walking down the beach,
On a lazy pace.

Stargazing, with a loved one;
Wind flowing through hair;
A delicious, soft cake,
That no one shall share.

Walking barefoot on the grass;
A nice hot cup of soup;
Feeling cold morning air against the skin;
Sunsets- fantastic scenes to shoot.

Travelling solo for the first time,
Feeling responsible and independent;
Making a friend out of a stranger,
What a happy accident!

A smile, never seen before
Giving reassurance;
Reading travel diaries;
Camping close to a forest.

Capturing memories
In photographs;
Singing along- loudly,
To the favourite songs.

The sound of the rain,
And filling lungs with petrichor;
Falling of the first leaf in autumn,
Only to be followed by more.

Stay close to the nature,
For none of these require using a gadget,
Best things have always been there,
Even if they are counted as ******.

Learn to appreciate,
The smallest of things in life,
Before it all succumbs to-
An egoistic strife.
The world already has a lot of critics.
R Arora Sep 2017
"With your tiny drops,
Can you obliviate my memory?"
I ask the rain;
I am scared of the happy ones,
For I know,
I can never live them again.
When the blues hit.
R Arora Aug 2017
Will your world come to a halt,
When one day my breaths will do;
Or it will be marked by laughter-
The signature of you?
"It may have escaped your notice but life isn't fair"- Wise words by Prof. Snape.
R Arora Jul 2017
The tears uncried,
The respect left behind;
Shame visible on face
No, this is not just a phase.
Oh, the humiliation!
It cannot be borne any more.
Will the soul give up?
Can't say for sure.
It fell on me-
The thunder,
**And I got buried
For someone else's blunder.
Lemony life.
  Jun 2017 R Arora
I'll sit there all alone,
Hoping you'd join me in my zone
I'll listen to you,
Hoping you'd hear my truth just like few
I'll walk with you through your darkest times,
Hoping you'd wander in my thoughts and mind
Will you remember me?
When I'm gone .
Will you miss me?
When you're lost.
What if I promised you
That I'll never leave you alone?
Would you still bother
To forget me not?
R Arora May 2017
Mondays were not that tough,
Although each day was pretty rough.
I knew a lot of people,
and my experience there was not feeble.
Seldom did I get bored,
Smiles were not often forced.
I wanted to be home soon even then,
But my face was never ashen.
Saturdays were the Fridays,
Homework was not an enigmatic maze.
Just yesterday it feels,
Was my first day of school;
Today, I am sitting in front of a desktop,
Trying not to be a fool.
Insults were forgotten in a blink of an eye,
In the crowd of people, now I am asking, "who am I?".
Target of the day was to win a game,
Not to chase a deadline, or escape some shame.

Why do we have to have a rebellious soul?
Perhaps to blame life for taking a toll.
It's not easy to go with the flow,
Specially, when against you, the wind would blow.
Sorry, a pessimist here.
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