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Feb 2019
I got hurt,
Because I felt,
Truth comes first,
But you couldn't take it,
When I said it to your face.
I'm sorry, I can't fake it.
Now you're pretending,
Like it's all right,
Man, I know what's going on,
This is a psuedo-fight.

I'm getting hurt,
For I think I'm hurting you,
I feel guilty,
For things I didn't do.
I'm no celebrity,
But I can't lower my standards,
And celebrate mediocrity.

You can't accept what's true,
It's not my problem,
I'm working on myself, it's clear I do.
So, one day when I'm on top,
And still here will be you,
Y'all gonna say,
Man, lotta time flew.
Sounds better when you read it like a rap.
Finally the words have spilled onto the paper from my heart.
I despise the people that cannot handle others' success.
"Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise."
Written by
R Arora  21/F
     Fawn and Γ€Ε§ΓΉl
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