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Oskar Roux Mar 7
If a rainy day was every day
Then every day would be mine.
If every day, was a rainy day
By me, that would be just fine.
But if a rainy day was every day.
Would it still be special to me?
Or if every day was a rainy day
Would that dampen the joy for me?

-Oskar roux
A simpler, happier poem
Oskar Roux Feb 18
This sick feeling in my stomach             
caused by the thought of you upset
courses through me.
I did this.
I’m sorry
On the verge of vomiting for a full day
like a sickness that won’t wane until
you’re in my arms and smiling again.
I’m sorry.
I did this.
I’ve never taken you for a fool, or for granted and
I never will.       
I’m sorry I made you feel this way.
If it were to happen as you wished,
the true car wreck would be my life.  
I know these apologies will only bare their fruits in time
and for this, I cannot blame you.                
To me, you truly are too good and treat me with the utmost respect and for this I thank you.
Oskar Roux Feb 17
As I grovel at your feet
And follow your every move
With gashed and bleeding knees
Begging for something that should come naturally
For me it does,
The ****
The longing
The desire
The urge
And the yearning
All the things you have no idea about.
All the things you ignore
And push to the side
Just like my wants and needs
My feelings
And my longing for you
All in a pile labeled
“who gives a **** for whatever happens to this”

I wonder why I’m the sorry one
Feeling horrible for wanting
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
Let the world be the rubber
And you be the glue
I'll bounce off others and stick to you
Catch you when you fall
Pick you up again in the winter
Even tend to your nasty splinters
I'll be the one that gathers your rosebuds in spring
And be your cooling shade in the summer.
And when
Sticks and stones
(Against you)
Will ***** and splinter,
And words for your beauty will never leave me
Remember ravishing is what you are,
As I am ravenous
(How do I know)
Because it takes poetry
To know poetry

And that is just what you are.
Poetry in motion
Tried to make a spin on old nursery rhymes and how one needs to defend themselves in some cases. they way that some women do, inspires me and this is what that is about.
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
As we float completely inept of our bodies and consciousness
we find a different, altered state of being, more pure, true, and free.
Free of judgement, free of harm.
Our souls at ease because of inebriation. Fear of hurt fear of pain.
Yet, that all seems meaningless and quite mortal.
For now we feel free, immortal and unchained from despair,
from life,
from disappointment
and also disappointing,
the ones we love,
the ones we hate
and even the ones we’re still meant to love
and those who love us.

For this universe is vast.
Greater than we could ever imagine.
For the love we have,
have lost
and are still to gain
is miniscule in comparison
to the history and future of our civilization and what we stand for.

According to Darwin we aren’t meant to live
yet according to Aristotle and Kant too
we are a species bread to survive.
To help one another for the greater good
and also to help one another for ourselves….
With pardon of course.
For what’s right to some
is foul to others and vice versa too.
We see the good in man
but the worst in women
and why can’t that be flipped.
For a man’s world
should be a banned world
and honestly a burned script.
General drunk musings
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
The idea of a perfect plan for life is one that’s floored in every material in every way.
It begins much like a seed.
In good soil with good intentions and seemingly the right influence.
Sun for photosynthesis, nutrients to supply the food for growth and water.
Enough water to rehydrate invigorate but also it can drown.
The water you see isn’t merely water it’s the plausibility and possibility
we strive for and see in our faces every day.
“Be who you want to be”,
“the sky is the limit”
“the only thing holding you back is your imagination”.
But what if that isn’t it.
What if being who we want to be gets put down,
changed and made to be realistic.
Like a child following the instructions on their Lego instructions:
they put M8 on T3 and piece that together
with pieces 5, 6, 7 & 8 etc.
until their puzzle is complete.
Complete to resemble the same thing that the other kids build,
or the same one that their parents before them built.
Built to last, built to fit, built to be…
No one is told to believe
That they should believe in their writing and encouraged to chase a dream.
Instead they’re told to choose a “real” dream.
One that benefits society.
One that asks no questions, changes no formats or builds and pushes no borders.
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
There’s two types of people in this world and some of them aren’t as confident, proud, outgoing, steadfast, and brave, the list is endless, as others. This is written for those who take the back seat for the most part and don’t always love the lime light. Don’t worry, some of us understand you.

She wakes up in the morning
and rolls Herself out of bed
She tries Her hardest and clears Her busy head.
She gets to the mirror and sees Her smile.
"Oh my word what a pile of ****...
I still have to do today
just to say that I am done"
is what She needs to tell Herself everyday
but She sadly stops at part one.

She examines herself,
takes the make up off the shelf
and puts on Her face for the day.
She thinks of all the people She needs to face
And what exactly She needs to say.

To be polite … while being precise
but without being Un-PC.
but these words evade Her
like steadiness in a seizure
so many faces that daunt Her,
past social encounters that haunt Her
and it’s only the beginning of the day.
when I see Her engage with the   
bewilderment of people,       
it’s an interesting sight in itself.

(as David Attenborough)
as the female puts her best foot forward,      she also uses Her sceptical eye too     
and Her heart, goes back in its shell.       
it’s not that She doesn’t trust the other humans in the species,      and it’s not that you aren’t to be liked,       
but She needs to tell if the friendship is for one second or for life.

I watch Her and notice how She holds a conversation like I want Her to hold my               
....... heart.        Anxiously, yet tentatively and caringly too.
But it’s lunch time now and for Her that relief,
to sit, not eat, and have a self-debrief.         
“you’re done with half of things in your way for today, and it’s all smooth sailing from here!”
is what She needs to tell Herself right now       
but there’s a slight change added in Her schedule,
its panic and ******.                     
“WHAT EVER SHALL I DO?”.             
then the soothing voice,
of Her chubby Adonis,             
has to tell her what to do:       
don’t you worry,             
don’t you fret,
together we’ll see this through.   
You’re already half way done and you’ve climbed small mountains,     give yourself credit where it is due!”       
but in her mind, it sounds, otherwise       
it sounds like there’s still mountains ahead     
and only molehills achieved.     
and the energy levels are depleted.     
and baby now you’re halfway.

So it’s something to ponder how someone can wonder and stress and dwell and plea.     
on social situations that you may take for granted as something to face on the daily.            
so, don’t be impatient, but for once just stand in Her shoes and find some other ways to wipe away and not give them their blues.
A spoken word piece I did based on my Fiance and her general daily anxieties
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