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Oskar Roux Aug 2019
He sees me.
The stranger looks deep,
deeper Into me
than I see myself and analyse and care to critique the way
that I'm conducting myself.
He's harsh with his eyes
He doesn't know me.
scrutinizing every pore
every hair that stands in place,
every conscious thought and un-thought.
He thinks he doesn't
But he does.

Like a whirlpool of judgement that swirls in a silver reflection, I stare at the man that stares at me.
he seems familiar and now I judge him.
the table turns to see myself
staring at this silvery
I think
I know.
Oskar Roux May 2019
To captivate someone the way
You do
Is an art form many never learn to master.
With eyes deeper than the Marianas trench
Your being
Just draws me like a moth to a flame.
To make someone feel the way
You make me feel
Makes me wonder how many ages
You've experienced.

A soul so ablaze no person would know you and not be warm.
The strength of nations upon nations
To carry the weight of the world and
You still grow.
The confidence and grace that
You move
With, can't even be challenged by Aphrodite herself.
With cheeks if crimson and eyes of ice
Your joy
Makes the rest of life seem baron.
Leaving me
And lucky
To know a woman of your sheer
A poem for my wife
Oskar Roux May 2019
Such a sin
It seems

to want
Open to your comments and interpretation
Oskar Roux Mar 2019
If a rainy day was every day
Then every day would be mine.
If every day, was a rainy day
By me, that would be just fine.
But if a rainy day was every day.
Would it still be special to me?
Or if every day was a rainy day
Would that dampen the joy for me?

-Oskar roux
A simpler, happier poem
Oskar Roux Feb 2019
This sick feeling in my stomach             
caused by the thought of you upset
courses through me.
I did this.
I’m sorry
On the verge of vomiting for a full day
like a sickness that won’t wane until
you’re in my arms and smiling again.
I’m sorry.
I did this.
I’ve never taken you for a fool, or for granted and
I never will.       
I’m sorry I made you feel this way.
If it were to happen as you wished,
the true car wreck would be my life.  
I know these apologies will only bare their fruits in time
and for this, I cannot blame you.                
To me, you truly are too good and treat me with the utmost respect and for this I thank you.
Oskar Roux Feb 2019
As I grovel at your feet
And follow your every move
With gashed and bleeding knees
Begging for something that should come naturally
For me it does,
The lust
The longing
The desire
The urge
And the yearning
All the things you have no idea about.
All the things you ignore
And push to the side
Just like my wants and needs
My feelings
And my longing for you
All in a pile labeled
“who gives a **** for whatever happens to this”

I wonder why I’m the sorry one
Feeling horrible for wanting
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
Let the world be the rubber
And you be the glue
I'll bounce off others and stick to you
Catch you when you fall
Pick you up again in the winter
Even tend to your nasty splinters
I'll be the one that gathers your rosebuds in spring
And be your cooling shade in the summer.
And when
Sticks and stones
(Against you)
Will crack and splinter,
And words for your beauty will never leave me
Remember ravishing is what you are,
As I am ravenous
(How do I know)
Because it takes poetry
To know poetry

And that is just what you are.
Poetry in motion
Tried to make a spin on old nursery rhymes and how one needs to defend themselves in some cases. they way that some women do, inspires me and this is what that is about.
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