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Yin and yang
Light and dark
Mind apart, unique in a lonely way
At least on most days..

I wore my heart on my sleeve..
This world and its selfish needs..

But now the moat is deep
The castle walls stand tall
The land around inclined steeply
The world left a mark deeply
Wounded intelligently, changed eternally

You may knock at the door of the fortress
But my heart cannot leave its throne

Its an irony this life..
Love can leave you on your own
Or heal the damage of being alone..

Love is feared and yearned for..
Get a little you want more

But lose it and then..

The castle beckons..
You take your place upon the throne
Battlements at the ready..

The castle is quite beautiful
Many try to visit
Cold shoulder of a closed door
Common sense a prerequisite

They built the castle
They live wondering why

Why none can open the door..
To venture into it
To have more..

Life goes on..

But the kingdom they made
This castle frozen in time..

It beckons as it fortifies

You can even see it in his eyes..
Countrysides calling,
dull and dreary towns.
Tides of joy hitting,
poor men's simple huts,
bringing spring of growth.

Sunny, funny
Lively weather
Sowing seeds of
Peace and pleasure.

Scents of sprouts
Sunshine show
Rainbow sky


Like a feather free to drift
They fall

Into pieces..
Stand tall

Pick up the fragmented memories
Electric energies
Nostalgic synergy
Painful comfort in me

The then and the now..

Buried deep..

Its a monster
An angel
My dreams..
My nightmares..

Lines of time draw invisible lines of age that prove I've become less and more at the same time..

No matter what
Through all ups and downs..

You are mine..

Hello, my close enemy..
Hello, my distant friend

Soothe and break me..
Mold and make me..

Hello.. Mirror..

Love.. And hate me..

A world made by deceit;
Tricksters running wild and free,
Virtue, a fleeting thought.
You seek
As a hope

And hide
As a dream
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Parallel World
Author's Note: I'm here.
Watch the distant light,
faint flickers
in the night.

Four years are too far,
cold contrite,
dark as tar.

Look up from the ground,
see the star
come around.

Feel the breeze blow cool,
freedom found
though a fool.

Lost in desert sand.
Time's a tool
in God's hand.
An explanation- The poem connects sitting on the desert ground at night while looking at a star with struggling while believing in a distant hope. The 4 years refers to about how many light years away the closest star is. And the star coming around is the sun rising.

It ends with God being the ultimate healer who gives the gift of healing by using time.

I'm debating changing "four years are too far" to "forty years too far" a reference to the Israelites in the desert.
Make me numb..

Let me feel..
Is this real?

I can't heal or kneel
Just too tired to pray
Doesn't matter anyway

I'm those eyes in the mirror
A sadness denied

I'm messy hair in early morning
Before its combed into a lie

I'm invisible tears when the real ones run out..

Smiles forced into beautiful lies..

Cut open my darkened sky
Spill me miracles from above

Give and shield me from love..

Hysterical quietly.. I want to raze my past of sorrow

Spill forth a brighter morrow from this bleeding shatter-glass sky..

Make me into a bird..

My smiles and laughs..
Happiness implied..
But its just a lie..
Set me free..

Let me fly..

— The End —