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Mother Earth
Mother Earth
So good you are
patiently you are to us
Your free gifts to us are precious and the seasoner provisions
The plants and their flowers
The trees and their fruits
the animals and their babies yet live and feeds
The ****** ground and waters
All for our well fare

Grand mother nature
Never you stop supporting mother Earth as you bless us with the air
The weather and atmospher
The wind and waves
The oxygen and clouds
The day light and night to rest

Our hearts are weeping
Heavily beating
For guilt of abuse and violation of resources
Greed and selfishness
Evil and distraction lies in us and we tear apart each other
Though your wrath and punishment we have to embrace for our hearts desires.
It's highly about time we need to change our way of living, we are seriously abusing our resources.
Once together in crime
Always together in crime
Forever together in crime.
There is conspiracy everywhere in any part of the world and these are the themes.
My soul's bleeding
My heart almost melt
My spirit is shedding tears
My eyes are seeing too much
My ears are echoing with the cry of the world
The wind roars fire
So let's soar higher and fight it

Like a mother hen which vow to fight for its chicks
With the strengths of feathers
That's it weapons
Though it has nothing more

We are prisoners
Imprisoned in our homes
By the flying venom
Spreading rapidly
Reaping souls unnaturally
Though the night might be long but surely the sunlight comes
And hope is a strength for freedom.
Despite the pandemic but we all have to be strong and fight it together for our hearlth.
Roast me on the charcoal bottom of your heart
Roll me in your pie and chew
As your meals yummies
Draw me and paste on the pages of your mind

Like poster and image
Paint me in the color of your blood
Leave me stained on the ground like a liquid black gold
Mine me with your steel heart of unforgiving
Peel out my skin for your white magic
Use my flesh for experiment

It's mysterious and strange
Yet I can breathe melanin as oxygen
Because it's runs in my veins

I beneath my brain with the dark spot of my soil
I stretche out my hands to receive
But still match my feet on my rock.
This poem is all about the  black people and their mentality ofter the colonization.
Unity and Harmony
It's all I've been breathing in cold like ice
Hoping to meet up with the nature
Living without a dispute and torture
While the striving race speeds up
But in this zone where I find myself
Limping around the honey well
Longing to have a taste
But none has ever wets we even the ground

Rather the particles of sugar i hope on
Has been conspired taken off my hands
And again I've been threatening of reaping
my heart and breathe
Just in sigh I took a walk away and vanished
Vengeance are of the great powers.
The masses and common people faces oppression everyday.
All kingdoms
Needs their freedom
And to be ruled by the people of wisdom.
For a country to develope and progress there must be a very good and active government.
The winds of ******
The waves of death
High--tide flow and blow evil.
The evil and bad people in our societies,that always plan bad against the good ones.
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