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  Feb 2018 Muneer
M Harris
There was a time,
A time so fair,
A zero despair,
Cuz She was fair,
Life as I knew it was drizzling daisies,
Bleeding me the feel like the crazies.

Perfect absolutes,
Chimerical dilutes.

Enchanting moments with ephemeral bliss,
Rapt me into blissful abyss.

Ambient lightnings,
Forming supernova sightings.

My soul trapped in her seductive high,
Unknowing of her destructive lies.

Little was I was aware of her two-tone design,
My ****** Valentine
An alter ego so divine.

Demon with deceitful frames,
Unravelling her intimacy games.

Her bloodless lips whispering in the corridors of time,
Deporting me into her hate grimes.

Mutating into odium of torrential far cry,
Lies sarcastrophic podium of her mislaid demise.

Gagged and bound as me you broke down
And I believed everything,
As my love for you was logic drowned
Round and round I emanated all the way down.

Still submerged in the swamp of dummy beliefs,
Hoping to heal with concealed appeals,
Squeals of her feels reveal choking ordeals,

Cuz it was a different belief in a veiled inception,
Infinitely drowning with these unconcealed dogmas,
Remembrance feels like a past from yesterday,
All I am choked with are these Interstellar beliefs,

Detonating memories,
At the haste of light,
Giving me an anguish fright from the down right,
Corroding my heart with those Sulphur memories we once called a lifetime.
Like those 4 years with 4 million considerations.

Still lost in her maze of psychopathic daze,
Downward spirals decayed & set ablaze.
Reveries of her infinite sentiment once called transcendences.

All that’s left now are your radioactive reminiscences,
Of a place once called Tomorrowland.
  Feb 2018 Muneer
She smelled like the dirt,
The deep rich of earth,
The water and the air,
The carbon and the mirth.

She looked like the sky,
Her head lifted high,
Clouds in her features,
Birds passing by.

She tasted like the stream,
The water cold and clean,
With the fauna and the falls,
She was all in between.

She sounded like the night,
The wisp of bats in flight,
The chirping of the crickets
Before the morning's light.

She felt like trees:
Strong, but in the breeze,
Swaying to the music
Only heard by me.
  Feb 2018 Muneer
The cold.
My cheeks flushed pink as I inhaled the remnants of the frail air
Surrounding me - clouded tufts occur
They dissipate as I breathe
I whisper.

The prevalence of rosebuds, nature's pride
Flourish amongst the beaks of the emperor.

Strands of scarlet, stains of blood
They all entail the unrequited sentiment of the weak
The frail entrails dwindling downwards on the empty patches,
Barren warfields where I exhaled.

The enticing floral rain, the vermilion of the soul
The pale old man with the raincoat is watching me
I turn.

Bring me deliverance, old man
The joy of my ultima, the ****** of my being
For you watched me ultimately,
For death cheers for me from the sidelines.

Bring me deliverance, for the caress of the end
Is my valentine.

breathe cheeks cheer ****** joy nature pink unrequited valentine whisper
Muneer Jan 2018
I'm a prisoner,
Drowning in their temptation,
Eyes of chocolate daze.
This is my first attempt at a Haiku. Is it correct? Would love to hear some feed back on this
Muneer Jan 2018
Help me escape,
From the clutches of my mind
that  hold me prisoner
behind walls
of fathomless heights.
The warden here,
cold and merciless
has me by the edge
of a bottomless pit
while holding a blade
an inch off my life.
Muneer Jan 2018
Oh yes,
She is a fierce wild fire
A fire in which
I would like to burn
myself to ashes
and let the wind carry me
with her
until she is put out
and all that remains are my ashes
over her memories.
  Jan 2018 Muneer
Existential me
I love her.
No not ******* worldly,
But softly, purely , celestially.
Not necessarily, just completely,
selfishly and I'm sorry.
I love her unconditionally, some say unconventionally.
But they don't understand me.
Yes...I love her.
Most spiritually, asexually, platonically and wholly.
I love her, truly, honestly, musically and poetically...
She doesn't have to love me.
Your looks may fade... my love shall not.
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