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Existential me Apr 2018
I wrote of love as if it were something I could share.
I said i do and i did but now i don't care.
I had it once and with it nothing could compare.
Now my desert heart beats in vain.
For there is no life here to sustain.
This hollow shell is all of me that remains.
Strangely enough there's no room for joy or pain.
Still I search the skies desperately  for...well.

A star shining in tranquility.
I miss her.
Existential me Mar 2018
So, explain to me then,
why art thou concerned about my pen?
When, if ever, has it stroked
against thee sin? Or any of thou kin?
What have i done to offend that
to my business thou should attend?
I write only to transcend those who would **** and condemn.
In the hope that all would
comprehend i pen in love not to condescend but to make all... my friend.

How thou might see it...well that depends.
I fantasize about it would be like to have you makes me wonder if you would be true I ponder what it would be like to kiss your plump lips I fantasize about your skin pressed against mine passion and heat kissing your chocolate skin moaning when you put it in
Is it just infatuation? Or just ****** frustration? Could it turn into love? Or is it just lust? I don't know but I just want you to ******
Existential me Mar 2018
To see that which can not be visualized.
'Tis the white calla lillies dancing in her eyes.
Doing as jasmine has forever done.
Basking in the rays of the yellow sun.
Thoughts drift in fields of alstroemeria.
Different places, different faces...
yet familiar.
Loves flower blooming lighting the world.
Transforming her to a woman from a girl.
And with the coming of the morning dawn.
There she lies in the green pasture of daw-gawn.
I fondled you with my hands
I didn't remember my eyes
I forgot my stories
When I felt you in my little heart
I don't know...
The grain field was beautiful in my dreams
My ******* are be beautiful, too
When your lips become golden
I didn't want the sky...

با دست هایم
...تو را نوازش می کردم
چشم هایم یادم نبود
قصه هایم را فراموش می کردم
وقتی که تو را در قلب کوچکم احساس می کردم
...نمی دانم
در خواب هایم  گندم زار زیبا باشد
سینه هایم زیبا باشند
لب های تو طلایی باشد
...من که آسمان را نمی خواستم
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