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Media Outlet:

“I just heard the biggest load of ******* today,
This guy had a lot of crazy **** to say.

He was kissing his wife, who suddenly changed form in front of him.
Looking like a scaly, grey-skinned Asian grandma with Kardasian lips, a watermelon for a head, and eyes as black as holes.
He claims not only have these aliens infiltrated our government, but they have infiltrated his love life as well.
The alien apparently knocked him the **** out, and he could not remember much after that.
Then a week later he was found *** ***** in the middle of the scorching Sahara desert, baked like a **** in the over turned up way too **** high.

Well if that ain't the biggest load of ******* you people have read today then I don't know what is”.

The Public:

“He is insane!
He is crazy!
If he was a drug he would have been snorted up by the embodiment of *******!
It's like he wrote a script for a b-rated sci-fi movie!”


Podcast Host:

“And we are live.
Welcome to the Misfits show.
It is a pleasure to have you joining us today.
Now we were hesitant about bringing you on here becaus-”


“Because my name has been demonized by the mainstream media,
literally hundreds, no, thousands, no, millions of articles have been coming out against me, calling me a schizophrenic!”

Podcast Host:

“Yeah, like.....just the other day I saw an article calling you the pinnacle of conspiracy theorists”.


“Oh yeah, these people love to **** in the wind, but get shocked when their shoes get all wet.
I am the ******* hurricane that is going to blow all their **** back onto their piggy skins, I am not taking anyone's ****”.

Podcast Host:

“ how do you defend yourself against these claims?”


“Well I ain't gonna lie, you will need to get comfortable for this, because you are in for a ride”.

Podcast Host:

“Um okay, let's hear it then”.


You got to believe me when I tell you this story,
it has been removed from our history.

Stay away from that ******* kitty litter,
Don't want no demon cat possessing you and turning you into a crazy cat lady now.
Keep your children away from the kitty litter.
It is making the grass hoppers suicidal,
Got the birds ******* out decomposed snails for other snails to eat to repeat it's cycle.
Don't let it get into your children's heads!

The samurai warriors at the top have grown big *** human tissue farms.
Got cows producing human milk and spiders turning their guts into armour.
They are planting embryos into cows, creating these cow people, striping them of their human rights.
Slaughtering them, putting them on a harvest table for the Buddhists to eat up.
These aliens created the TV, the radio, and the ******* blade runners.
Just so they can get us out of the picture.

They want to play god.
They are at war with our creator.
There is a post human era approaching,
a deal has been struck,
with the shapeshifting transgender lizard people from outerspace!

They got us high on the space winds,
melting minds in a microwave.
I can feel the calming vibrations coming through when blood hits the ground!

Don't call me a schizophrenic!
Let me tell you what a schizophrenic is!
A ****** thinks the sun is following him and that his dog is a government spy.

Question everything that you see,
The universe is infinite,
so don't think you have it all figured out.

You call me crazy!
But you are the one that is crazy!
You are trying to silent me!
Well I will not go down quietly!

You can't half **** this, you have to go ***** deep to find the information.
Now let me continue.

Why would they waste seven pounds of meat?
These little ***** of flesh.
They are keeping them alive and stealing their ******* organs, man.

****** had witches surrounding him and ****,
doing rituals and **** to bring in these big titted alien women,
Smelling the blood of the sacrifice and gobbling it up like ******* sharks.
They seduced little ****** with a big space ship and he just kept bringing them in.

This world is run by demons!
Only the elves can see them.
They stop their hearts to talk to them.
They come out knowing more than any scientist.

These elves can see a future,
a future that doesn't involve us,
they are trying to **** us!

Pin pricked with needles!
Brain drain through cell phone towers!
Microwaved human embryos!
They are softly killing us!
Wake the **** up!


Podcast Host:

“..............and that is a wrap, thank you for coming out and sharing that with us. It was really something”


“No problem, man. Thank you for having me”
Something you write when you are ******* tired.
Mar 4 · 67
Dominoes On Pizza
Fresh out of the oven!
It tastes so good when it comes out so fresh.
Just a little bit of seasoning,
And it will be tasting so good!

It is the besta pizza in the world!
Come on down and taste the besta pizza in the world right here!

You look so tasty,
You look so **** tasty.
I want to put you in my mouth,
Because you look so tasty!
You look so ******* tasty!

I lift you carefully up to my quivering lip.
Water cracks through my concealed ravinous face.
I wrap my mouth around you,
and bit into an explosion of flavor!
It is the besta pizza!
Come get it while it is hot!

I like to play dominoes on pizza,
it is the besta.
It gives it so much more flavor.
Look out for cheese pizza
Mar 4 · 43
Anti Man
Out of the **** into the microwave.
Lost in it's soup till it pulls you beneath the grave.

Get this woodpecker out of my head,
I can't hear myself think.
It's voice speaks through the radio,
telling me to go build the anti man.

Seeing life through the anti man's eye,
We are all perceiving a lie.
Hold it in your hands,
Wear it on your heads,
Put it in your arm.
You are pushing yourself into place.

We're killing god,
And we're building the anti man.
We are at war,
With our maker!
Feb 26 · 141
Human Vegetable
They’ve taken my arms,
Taken my legs,
Taken my eyes,
Taken my head,
Taken my mind.
Now I am just a vegetable.
An armless,
Mindless freak!
Left to rot and decay,
While I can still feel it all slipping away.
Never drop kick an alien,
Or they will shoot fudge in your ears,
And nut in your eye.
Then stick a needle in it,
Then stick a probe up your ****** pipes.

Nobody wants those things done to them, so I advise that you don’t ******* the alien that took you from your planet.

Oh **** the E Mother ******* T is at it again,
Stealing cows and ****.
Running the farmers out of business.
What do they need the cows for anyway.
Is their planet running out of milk or something?
Are their women not producing enough ***** milk for baby alien lips or something?
Makes me so mad that I want to drop kick an alien....
But I need to keep it together,
Because I know what they will do to me if I do.
Feb 26 · 53
I am descending down a hole,
That I have been down too many times before.
This time when I dive in,
I may not be coming back up again.

I stared too far into the abyss,
I dived too deep into it’s depths.
Lost myself to what I found within,
And it made it’s home beneath my skin.

I feel an itch beneath the surface,
And I just got to gnaw at it.
Self-cannibalistic I’ve become,
I’m slowly eating myself away.
Carnivorously, I consume the flesh that nets around my bones,
Hoping that it satisfies the carnivore in me.

Who knew dying would taste so **** good today.
Every bite I take I am slowly eating myself away.
The only way I feel alive is by feeding what will **** me one day.

Soon my bones will be exposed,
But it won’t be satisfied.
I will break them open and devour the marrow inside.
Still it won’t be satisfied!

One day nothing will remain!
Then it will climb back down the hole,
Waiting for someone to pull it out.
It’s always hungry for more.
Feb 26 · 80
Conspiracy Theory
I just heard the biggest load of ******* today.
It seems every crazy person has something to say.

He was kissing his wife, who suddenly changed form in front of him. She looked like a scaly, green asian grandma with Kardashian lips, a watermelon shaped head and eyes as black as holes.
He said he couldn’t remember much after that.

Then the following day he woke up *** ***** in the middle of the scorching Sahara desert; baked like a **** in the oven turned up way too high.

If that ain’t the biggest load of **** being blown out the *** of a bull then I don’t know what is.

He must be crazy.
He must have made up a story!
It is much to crazy to be real!
It sounds like something out of b rated sci-fi movie!
Twisting words
Been stepping on the roaches again.
Couldn’t see them on the black tiles.
Next time I should remember to put the light on.
Because now I got bug matter all over my shoes.

It is hard to notice the little people,
When you are big and wondering around in the dark.
Please take notice of where you step,
Because you might be stepping on someone else.

Oh please look down,
I may be small,
But that doesn't mean I don’t exist at all!
Can you hear my little bug voice from way up there?!
You are about to silence it forever!

The next time you take a step,
Consider what it may do to another,
Because you may end up with a squished roach on the tiles.
They said there would be a day,
When rivers become oceans,
Boats become airplanes,
And mountains become islands.

Well that day has come,
Got to climb to a higher ground now or drown.
The rain is drumming down,
Covering over every ground.

They said there would be a day,
When God would toss a stone.
Hurtling It across space,
To crush every bone.

Well that day has come,
No where to hide and no where to run.
The end is here and it is coming for everyone.

The sewers are overturning drowning the vermin in their own ****!
It’s the end of the mother ******* world, and I’m welcoming it!

They said this day would never come,
That the world would always be the same.
Well the day has come.
The world needed a change,
So God tossed a stone at it!

It came like a thief in the night.
People looked from the ground and looked to the sky,
And saw rain, hail and asteroids coming down!
It took all of that for them to raise an eye.

This is the end,
And also the beginning.
Welcome the change,
Or be washed away!

Woe to the *** offenders;
Woe to the paedophiles;
Woe to the *****;
Woe to the ******;
Woe to the politicians;
Woe to the cultists;
Woe to the tyrants;
Woe to the killers;
And woe to all those who call evil good.
Mother earth has had enough of your ****.
She is putting and end to all of it.

They said there would be a day,
When all of this evil was washed away.
And now that it is here,
I have never been so happy to say:
I’m watching the ground give way into a chasm,
I’m watching the vermin being swallowed by the ocean.
I’m watching bus sized hail leveling the cities.
I’m watching an astroid hitting earth off it’s axis.
I’m warching earth being hurtled across space.
I’m witnessing the change.
I’m welcoming it with open arms.

Don’t just call me an anarchist,
Look into what I am saying.
You really can’t accept change,
Well, it doesn’t accept you either.
Feb 21 · 93
Analogy Of The Bees
I smell a queen bee drenched in alcohol!
Dried up and soaked into a cotton ball!
One whiff and suddenly she is my queen bee!
Now I spend my life making a spoonful of honey!
Feb 21 · 185
Death Bleeds Into Life
It was clear to me then, but it escapes me now. Infinity was condensed to a single moment, I don't know how I knew that, but I did.
I saw standing before me, a tomato, a swine and a human. They stood side by side. Their physical bodies were dissimilar, but their souls were all the same.

By cutting the tomato you cut yourself, and by killing the swine you **** yourself. They all may not look the same, but what they feel is the same. You are the tomato, you are the swine, and they are you too.

To you this is ******, but to me this is life.
Life has got to eat life, It is how we survive.
Life has got to eat life, It is how we stay alive.

Life to you rings a different tone. You claim that life is more than food, that to feed is to ******, but no one says a snake is a murderer when it kills a mouse.
You say no one needs to die in order for others to live. But death comes one way or another.

You say:
"Stop mashing that potato,
Stop cutting that tomoto,
Stop pealing those carrots,
Stop grating those onions.
Just because you can't hear them, does not mean they don't scream;
And just because they aren't people, doesn't mean they can't feel."

How you see the world is the only way to see it? But I saw infinity in the fraction of a second, yet it was an eternity. I saw that what we see, is what we want to see. And that what really is, is what we make it out to be.

I was laying in the dirt, then the dirt became me. I then fed a flower, then I became the flower. A doe ate the flower, then I became the doe. A wolf consumed the doe, then I became the wolf. A man skinned the wolf, then I became the man. The man lay in the dirt, then I became the dirt again.

Life bleeds into new life, It is how we stay alive.
Life bleeds into new life, It is how we survive.
Feb 8 · 104
My Rabbit
Have we forgotten how to dream,
To see the world through ourselves.
The place I used to be is now lost,
When I was a child I knew where it was.

Before I knew the world I knew myself,
Then I became aware of the world.
It is hard to live when everything is so fake,
Convincing myself that this is all real.

This all has to be real,
Because it is all I've ever known.
It is hard to let go and fall right in,
And go to places I've never been.

At night when I close my eyes,
I see the place where I used to be.
When I sleep I remember who I am,
But when I awake I forget again.

My rabbit will take you there.
Keep on chasing my rabbit,
The hole only gets larger.

It is larger than you can imagine,
You will never truly grasp the bottom.

My rabbit's dragging you down the hole
How deep down does it go?!
You are starting to see from the in,
You're going to places you've never been.

Once I looked from the outside in,
Now I look from the inside out.
What is in is in,
Will never be out again.

I am falling down the rabbit hole,
Which way is up,
Which way is down.
I can't see the top,
And I can't find the bottom.
I am looking from the in,
I'm going places I've never been,
I am learning to dream again!

Follow my rabbit down the hole,
Into the unknown we go.
Look from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Your perspective becomes your reality, change your perspective on things and everything will change.
Jan 27 · 482
Walking Behind Myself
When I awoke, I walked.
When I walked I saw myself walking behind me,
and in front of me.
I stared at myself staring back at the million different mes behind me.

You can't comprehend infinity in a single moment.
If we could we would not be here.
That is why I am here,
to learn to comprehend infinity,
through the million different mes behind me.
Have we forgotten so easily,
About the creature we refuse to see.
Waiting for the day when we open the door,
Allowing it to break free.

You hide from it under the bedsheets at night,
It is the monster under your bed,
It is the presence in your room,
It is the voice inside your head.
You can run from it,
You can hide from it,
But it will always be there,
Lurking in the darkest corners of your mind.

The reptile within is stretching over me,
Soon it will consume me,
Then I will become,
The reptile I was born to be.

“I want blasphemy,
I want **** and ******,
I want hate and propaganda,
I want everything and anything bad,
For it sustains me,
Sends a rush down my spine,
It makes me feel alive”.

This is what the reptile wants,
This is what the reptile needs,
In order to stay alive.
Jan 27 · 73
The Ghost Of You
I felt a touch from a far,
It was like you were there but you were not.
My mind must have been playing tricks on me.
For one sweet little moment I thought you were there.

I caught a glimpse of a shadow in the corner of my eye,
I turned my head but there is nothing there.
It was like I was being haunted by the ghost of you.

The spark that once built our bridge burnt it down.
As you burned I just turned away,
Even when you begged me to stay.
Now I can’t escape the ghost of you.

Love was supposed to bring us together but it just tore us apart,
I managed to push you and myself away,
Managed to tear you and myself down.
Now that you are gone all I see is the ghost of you.
Jan 25 · 155
Is it that time already?
I did not expect this day to come,
Yet I knew it was coming all along.

Your face I recognize it from before I lived.
So beautiful, flawless and shimmering.
Everything that was a blur is now clear to me,
You have lifted my eyelids so I can see.
You were always there besides me.

The colours are so pretty,
I can see further down the spectrum.
I can see there is more dimension to you,
and that there is more dimension to me.

I missed you,
I was gone for so long,
But I have come back to you.

What do you mean I need to go?
Why are you leaving already?
I have waited long enough,
just take me in already!

Take me to this place,
this place beyond imagination!
Take me to this place,
this place beyond limitation!

I want to leave this all behind,
I want to go with you,
so I can fly too.
Nov 2018 · 230
The Evil Beneath Our Skin
MisfitOfSociety Nov 2018
The scariest thing there is does not hide beneath your bed at night.
It is not the silhouette that stands in the corner of your room in the dark.
It is not the cold, disembodied whisper that breaks the silence of an empty room.
It is the realization that beneath your skin lays the true horror that you hide from.

You can run from it,
You can hide from it,
You can even try to forget it,
But it will always be there,
Lurking around in the darkest inner workings of your mind,
Reminding you of who you truly are.
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
Unholy Guacamole
MisfitOfSociety Sep 2018
It goes like this you see.

10pm, on a late thursday evening. I was sweating like a ****** in church. I grabbed my armbands and turned on the shower. It was cold as ice to the touch, but begun to warm up eventually. Thank god my wife remembered to turn the geezer on or else I was going to slap a *****, create waves of flesh on that **** *** face of hers.

After stripping down to my birthday suit, I popped on some shampoo and spreaded that **** in my hair. Creating a burning sensation, tingly, like ants crawling in my head.
Suddenly I was smacked like an unwanted child by the smell of burnt toast in the air,
with the shampoo still sitting in my hair.
I turned around and right before me, something was coming out of the plug hole, like something out of a b-rated horror movie.
Looking like my wife's homemade cooking, **** was alive, and then it lunged at me.
I tell you, if it was not for those Tom Cruise movies lecturing me in the art of total *** kicking, I would be a dead ***** man with armbands in a tub, being eaten by the unholy guacamole.

You gotta believe me,
when I tell this story,
This was not all in my head,
You can't just write off what I have said.
I know it must sound insane,
But a mexican's lunch crawled out of the drain,
I beat it's *** like a drum,
like Lars Ulrich at a metallica concert ,
and sent the **** back down the hole it crawled out of.
The devil wanted to bring me down to the deep end,
It is a good thing I bought my arm bands.
What the absolute ****.
Sep 2018 · 6.6k
MisfitOfSociety Sep 2018
The bees don't care what you say,
The bees go their own way.
Don't be like a monkey,
Rather be like a bee,
You can't tell them what to do,
the bees just defy you.

You can hold down the seas,
but you can't hold down the bees,
Who are you to tell them what to do,
We are the many run by the few.

Newton is my god,
god is good,
god is great.
Forgive me father,
for I have sinned.
I am sorry,
for questioning thee.
Bless upon the fruit that fell and freed us!
Bless upon the monkeys that gave birth to us!
Bless upon the pictures that they painted for us!
Bless upon the cosmic scaled **** that made us!

You are my eyes,
my prophet,
my seer,
my revelator,
put thoughts in my head,
and I will repeat what you have said
Our thoughts are not our own,
We are not safe, even in our home.

Monkey see, monkey do,
we are the many run by the few.
Don't be like a monkey,
rather be like a bee,
don't do what they say,
forget what you have learnt and levitate away.
*** did I just write.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Human Sacrifice
MisfitOfSociety Aug 2018
I take upon me your human sacrifice
Drop down a ****** for me to climb into
Open up my **** and breathe in new life
Drown this dragon so I can come back to you.
Apr 2018 · 131
Spinning Ball
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
Are we just speaks on a spinning ball
Are we something a whole lot more
They would have us believe we are nothing but specks, but we are so much more.
Apr 2018 · 118
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
With our limitations,
we place limitations upon the limitless.
Apr 2018 · 139
Killing Us Softly
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
They've created a remedy,
For you and for me,
and it is killing everybody,
Apr 2018 · 247
The Microwave
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
Out of the **** into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless *****.

Diet soda, chips with dip and a bucket of KFC,
sit next to me.
Black holes for eyes absorbant as a sponge to the colors in view.
The colors come to collide,
To whisper a message to my mind.
A message consisting of anime girls and talking animals,
not what people would call manly,
but it is a guilty pleasure,
so spare me the commentary.

So as I was saying,
I lay unmoving,
Licking my greasy fingers like a fat ****,
strapped down to my living room chair,
whilst the colours penetrated through my eye hole,
cutting deep into my soul.
******* out my mother ******* brain,
clearing reality out and washing it down the drain,
The conditioning from the wash has left me braindead,
painted a picture I don't understand but I will remember what it has said.

of dreams and wonders,
grab me by the hand,
and whisp me off to wonderland.
It takes me,
Like a reaper,
out of my body,
to an obscure,
painting a picture,

Living in a world of simultaneous information,
Crawling inside and taking away my perception,
a part of me is taken away.
They have,
Taken my eyes, so I can't see
Taken my ears, so I can't hear
Taken my heart, so I can't feel,
Taken my mind, so I can't think.

Out of the **** into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless *****.
What did I just write
Apr 2018 · 101
Dreaming Of The Dead
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
How do I stop these images,
replaying in my head,
How do I stop the voices,
Of those who are dead.

When I lay my head down to sleep,
I pray that the dead and I never meet,
But when I close my eyes,
I see those screaming skies.

All the tears that shed,
All the bodies that bleed,
Screaming in my head,
Dreaming of the dead
A poem about seeing the dead. But goes deeper than that
Apr 2018 · 166
Listen To Reality
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
I know what my intuition tells me,
Lift the veil so you can see,
That the ground on which I stand upon,
Is the floor of reality.
Resting motionless between the embrass of two waters,
a pivotal point for two contrasting brothers.
Fools say the brothers are a reflection of the ground we stand upon,
pushing the deluded fantasy,
never attempting to decipher reality.

I know what my intuition tells me,
Open your eyes and listen to reality,
The machines we built have turned against us,
Painting a picture fantasy,
Passing it off as reality.
The fools are consuming what the machines are feeding, causing us to spiral down, downward descending.
Now we squander upon this fantasy,
Never lifting an eye to see reality.
What do you think it is about
Apr 2018 · 79
For Tomorrow We Die
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
Live a little,
Drink a little,
Eat a little,
Lie a little,
For tomorrow we die...
Lie, afterlife, short,
Apr 2018 · 191
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
A voice echoes through these halls,
Shattering the walls.
Calling for my other identity,
To be set free.
Here it comes again,
Filling out my skin,
When it is done it crawls back in,
To the home it's made within.

I have walked through the chrysalis,
Changed my apparatus,
I recieved beautiful skin,
But I am fragile within.
I am not alone in this body,
There is another inside me,
Through the scars it crept inside,
Making a home in my mind.
There is a meaning to this poem, hope you find it

— The End —