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Jake Oct 2021
I’m sorry I wasn’t better for you.
I was selfish.
I wanted to feel loved,
And I thought of you as my possession.
Love and ownership are not the same.
You were not mine to control.
Being with you was a privilege,
And I took advantage of it.
I won't make that mistake again.
The next time someone gives me their love,
I won’t waste time questioning it.
I’ll accept that love.
And then finally,
I'll truly reciprocate.
Jake Mar 2021
Be your own creator.
Mold yourself to look or act however you want,
and don’t forget that it’s never too late to change.

Be your own source of love.
The most intimate connection you will ever have
is that with yourself.

Be your own judge.
You answer to no one but yourself,
so don’t disregard your feelings to please anyone or anything.

Be your own shepard.
While you may not be able to control everything,
you have the power to forge your own fate.

Be your own salvation.
Don’t wait for someone to save you,
you’re strong and capable.

And finally,
Please don’t concern yourself with death.
All that does is waste the precious time you have to live.
Jake Mar 2021
You don’t need validation.
You have already received it
through the simple act of being born
the beautiful, imperfect creature that you are.
Jake Mar 2021
There is no secret meaning to life,
Nor is anyone special.
To be honest, I don’t really care.
I’m not too fond of fate,
And I never wanted to be special.
I simply wish to live,
And create my own purpose.
Jake Mar 2021
It’s human nature to search for meaning
In the most meaningless of things.
Jake Mar 2021
How do I express,
To the people I love most,
That the emptiness I feel
is no fault but my own?
Jake Apr 2020
In a field of sunflowers
I awaited you,
My sweet honeybee,
To pollinate my heart
With your love,
And finally give meaning
To my lonely existence.
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