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 Dec 2018 Lost Indeed
And when the time comes my tears won't be falling like rain for it will be warm tea and fresh honey streaming down my cheeks.
I hope one day I will bathe in sunflowers and new love - I'm tired of the dead leaves that burden my body, they soak in like fresh coconut on my skin.
I sit underwater where time stops for a second, and I am at peace. I hope one day I can run into rushing waterfalls without begging for that moment of altered reality. I hope one day I bathe in roses instead of my sorrows.
What do you hope for?
 Nov 2018 Lost Indeed
Maria Etre
I sold my soul
to poetry
because the devil
rejected it
he told me
"it's too fiery for hell
it'll do better
melting hearts"
 Oct 2018 Lost Indeed
Maria Etre
Your voice
b lll uuuuu rrrrr eeee dddddd my own
Be shhhhh(quiet)hhhhhh..
I am /ˈlɪs(ə)n/ing
there's a whole
track list I missed
that doesn't play
your name
 Oct 2018 Lost Indeed
Maria Etre
Forgive me
I have decided
to forgive

— The End —