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Lost Indeed Sep 2021
I shall walk this earth alone
To forsake what is mine.
I will write all poems and sing all songs.
To find what is gold that doesn't shine.

I will dance to the stars.
And meet all gods.
I want to fly my heart to mars.
To conquer all the odds.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
We are fast.
Running towards the ledge.
Because there is only 90 Miles to infinity.
And eternity at last.
Lost Indeed Oct 2018
Lately I've been wondering if there is something above the sky.
If there is a consciousness that knows everything.
Because if there is I need to ask.
Why create smart monkeys just to suffer?
I see good people dying of hunger in the streets.
But I also see bad mans rising above the sky.
Is there any justice or just a lost concept of judgment?
Because if there is someone up there I need to know.
And hell I don't know a lot.
But buddy if life is scripted there is a huge hole in your plot.
Did you created us to die in mud?
To drown in our own sins.
Because if that was the reason.
If with all that power you abandon was to live in pain.
So I prefer to stay...
I prefer to die with man, honored man.
Than live the eternity among the gods.
Lost Indeed Jun 2019


Lost Indeed Dec 2019
we shAll be more than they could ever imagine.
we will suRf the waves of all the minds that dream.
our storiEs will fly with the wind throughout the galaxies.
and we will be Young forever.
so that One day.
we ascend to the rightfUl place of all poets.
the place wheRe unquiet minds go.
the dark abyss of lost mEmories.
that one day were forgotten by them All.

and then we will tame the Dark.
understand realitY.
become The echos of existence.
the new deities Of the universe.
Befriend all the dimensions.
so that from the ashEs of our minds.
a Good day can rise.
and frOm the whispers of our songs.
a new worlD can be born.
Lost Indeed Dec 2021
Falling in love with you.
Is a gamble that I know I will lose.
A doubt I won't have.
A question I won't make.
A chance I will take.
A warm I will crave.
Lost Indeed Dec 2018
Kindness is poetry in itself.
Is the borderline that divide us from deities.
From all the gods and devils that we invented.
From all the mud and blood that we live.
There is one thing that shines.
One thing that redeem ourselves from our crimes.
The thing that causes us to shiver upon fear.
That motivate without love.
That destroys without guns.
In the end I beg you to do what is right.
Love yourself and the others and PLEASE BE KIND.
Lost Indeed Feb 2021
Your eyes are like neon lights.
And your heart is like Cold Brew.
Your soul eats me alive.
And your lips hide the truth.

It is too late now and I cannot escape.
Our lives are intertwined.
And this is my fate.

I must be crazy to think.
That in some dimension above.
Reality will never sink.
And I'm going to leave this cannibal Love.
Lost Indeed Sep 2021
If I had to dream about you.
It would take me a thousand nights for the eyes.
Cause in the windows of your soul.
I lost mine.

You dance to no songs.
But you move to the colors of the sky.
Maybe Im just colorblind to your emotions.
And deaf to your poems.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
Here I am... on a cold beach with dark waters and rocky sand.
Waiting for the night to come and take me away.
Because my feet are dirt and I cannot stay.

These tears are not of sadness or pain.
But out of joy and bliss.
They aren't salty and don't taste bitter.
But they carry the happiness of a thousand kisses.

And I just wanted to say.
In a different world a different day.
I will do better and hopefully stay.
But it is not here or now to my dismay.
Lost Indeed Aug 2019
Every word that I write a piece of my soul.
Every verse that I speak is a piece of me.
I close my eyes but I cannot sleep.
I cried out loud but no one hears.

I am a poet.
Such as the ones before me and the ones after.
We are the last stand to dark.
Writers of a broken society.

I declare my life to art.
An expression of existence.
I dare to look at the abyss because someone needs to.
A dark necessity.
A lonely addiction.

I can't stop now.
The words flow from my mind like tears from God.
But the dogs in my heart beg like the Devil.
I am and I will ever be.................a poet.
Lost Indeed Oct 2018
If there is something like a perfect piece of art.
It is hidden in the most untouchable of the places.
A place so unreachable that only the unluckiest and the saddest of the humans can go.
A place that connects heaven, hell and earth.
The only place that connects God, the devil and us.
Death keep the most amazing and beautiful piece of heaven that exists.
Because if that wasn't so, God wouldn't create an angel just to keep it safe.
And even if there is no God above the clouds or devil under the earth.
We still are walking the unstoppable crusade to the end.
So enjoy the last seconds of your brief infinite called life.
Lost Indeed Aug 2019
I walked until I saw the ocean.
And the wind made me think.
I stared at the waters and I saw your eyes.
I closed mine and I could feel your hand.

Memories of a past that I did not live.
In a present that I cannot see.
Dreaming about a future that don't belong to me.

I think that is my purpose.
A dream surfer.
A mind dweller.
A dead poet.

But now my feet are wet.
My clothes are not clean.
The sun is about to set.
In an image that I've never seen.
The sun kissing the sea.
In a picture that not even the gods could foreseen.

I must now go to a place that I cannot be found.
Deep waters….
If you want you can come too.
Because in the depths of my mind I found you.
Lost Indeed May 2021
I am not sure if I am alive.
But here the sun is good and I can see the sky.
I can feel that the end will me make me cry.
But we will enjoy today or at least we will try.
Lost Indeed Jul 2019
Today there is no one on the throne.
I go to sleep with no messages on my phone.
Tonight the wind will not make a sound.
My face is wet but no tear has been found.

It is late now and I'm drunk with memories.
Burning the pages written with our stories.
In the end, I was the joker, the fool the clown.
Tonight in my heart, there is an empty crown.
Lost Indeed Oct 2018
I was young when I first realized.
That I felt nothing even with tears in my eyes.
I understood that there was no happiness behind my smile.
The burden of living made every day become a single trial.

But then you came destroying my conception of reality.
Breaking every piece of my soul and distorting my normality.
This must be some kind of witchcraft.
Because you transformed me into poet from a sociopath.
Lost Indeed Jan 2022
I am tired.
I just want want to watch TV.
And write poems.
I want to lay by the sea.
And love someone more than me.

I wanna cry.
But I have no tears.
I want to dance.
But I have no ears.

But then, you came along.
And I realized that we are both sinners of the same kind.
Singers to the same song.
Both are pieces of a broken mind.
Lost Indeed Feb 2019
I can feel it from the other side of the globe.
The Gravity that calls me to the sea.
Like a constant curse in the wind.
A memory of your last moment with me.

When I am with you everything disappears.
And I feel time passing like a friendly wave.
I let the blues consume my soul in a silver tray.
Constant dying Impaled by a million spears.
2/5 of the series "let me be your Devil"
Lost Indeed Jan 2020
I was drowned by the sea.
And crushed by the city.
I was hanged by the trees.
But not the sun... he touched my face with a gentle heat.
Lost Indeed May 2020
Let's take the highway to oblivion.
And have a drink in paradise.
Because we are too young live
but we don't wanna die
Lost Indeed Jan 2020
The memories flow like a river.
Dancing in the valleys of my face.
It is warm but I shiver.
I'm at the cross but cannot be saved.
Lost Indeed Sep 2021
There is a tear in my eyes but it doesn't belong to me.
It was harvested by your words.
And cursed by your seed.

The path is carved.
To the silver river flow.
My heart is now broken.
Because you took my soul.
Lost Indeed Dec 2018
The sad part always come too soon.
We did not have the chance to live on the moon.
I was too scared of surviving.
And truly terrified of dying.

We are the eccentric way of the universe speak.
Created to observe the infinite and live in constant ending.
Always laying on the edge of existence.
Going with the wind without any resistance.
Lost Indeed May 2020
I know is absurd.
But my soul is sore and my eyes are blurred.
I am tired of the fight.
Falling in deep space without any try.
One phrase after the other.
Rhyme after rhyme.
I live in hell and the rain make me cry.
Lost Indeed Sep 2019
You close your eyes and you feel it.
The uncontrollable urge to do it.
The undeniable necessity to go.
A feeling that no one show.
You walk to the window without realize.
You look down to the ground and your mind fantasize.
Your heart beats and the room disappear.
The drums start and even the gods can hear.
Every second of your life the dark necessity is there.
To watch you sleep and make your life hard to bear.
Every one has it but they are afraid of saying.
An underline thought that insist on staying
Lost Indeed Dec 2018
I am a ******.
I'm addicted to rhyme.
The condensed power of words.
In a eternal poem that beats time.
Every verse like pure ecstasy.
Every word a single bliss.
In each strophe a piece of me.
But I cannot stop now.
My eyes are used to the abyss in my soul.
I am too deep.
I can't see the sun.
In every drop of rain a single verse.
In every look in the street a poet stroke.
Welcome to my lost life.
A simple man addicted to rhyme.
Lost Indeed Jan 2020
It is about to happen.
The daily war of existence.
As the knights of the horizon.
Fight the demons of twilight.

There is a pain in my chest.
And I do not know why.
But the night is over now and I can rest.
Dream with my knights in the sky.
Lost Indeed Jul 2019
Tempestades que abalam o firmamento.
Palavras de amor perdidas no vento.
O frio que corta a alma inocente.
Que agarra e acorrenta a criança no ventre.

Que Deus feche os olhos ao por do sol.
Pois a esta noite esposas iram chorar.
Naus na agua longe do farol.
Marinheiros perdidos afogados no mar.

A Terra esta entorpecida pelo opío que queima.
Adormecida pelo sangue que escorre.
Que amaldiçoa o inocente que morre.
Enquanto o Diabo caça aquele que teima.
Lost Indeed Dec 2019
I think that living is the understanding that everything is gonna be Ok, knowing that it won't.
Is the juice that keeps us going, the sweet song that you just can't remember the name.
The stupid drop of sauce that always spill on your shirt.The text that you write, but delete because of fear.
The butterfly that insist on flying inside every time that you smell the perfume that she used to put on.
But who I am saying? I am just another poet, another broken soul an unfinished song.
Lost Indeed Dec 2018
In the end of everything.
When time becomes blue.
There will be a Crypt in the infinite hall of history.
On that rock some words to the inter-dimensional visitors.

Resides here the last breath of lonely gods.
Gods that unveil time.
That overcame death.
They won all the fights.
They defeated all the enemies.

But everything was not enough, infinite was too little.
To cease they own pride they went too far.
And even with all the power they died against all odds.
Because that is the destiny of all lonely gods.
Lost Indeed Oct 2018
I am who I am.
I am me.
I am the best at being me.
I am nothing more, nothing less than just me.
I am chaos.
I am submerged in entropy.
I am the answer of all odds.
I am the void.
I am me.
I am the pinnacle of my own evolution.
I am the culmination of all my doubts.
I am the last one of my kind.
I am and I will ever be me.
Lost Indeed Jul 2019
Nasci para observar.
Acorrentado pela minha mente.
Maldito seja o seu olhar.
E a sua boca que mente.

Sou um poeta por natureza.
Adestrado pela sociedade.
Sou assombrado pela incerteza.
E dependente da realidade.
Lost Indeed Dec 2019
The smoke is about to set.
In our palace of nicotine.
Its late and I need to bet.
To silence my darling queen.

But the morning will come to drift me away.
As I kiss your lips and our souls sway.
Dacing to the movement of the sea.
Because in the darkest our, you found me.
Lost Indeed Jan 2020
Fresh paint on the walls of my mind.
Is this reality or a dream of mine?
Echos of your smile.
Smirking at me in every tile.
Lost Indeed Sep 2019
I am lost but I know where to go.
I am sad but I am afraid to show.
I smile but I have tears to flow.
I loved but she stole my soul.

I am a wanderer of memories that are not mine.
Dreams of life that in my head are confined.
Pieces of our moments stuck to a silver line.
Broken parts of me like diamonds in the night.

I watch the moon when I cannot sleep.
Its light illuminates the dust from my bedsheets.
I should go back to my bed before I trip.
And now the moon is gone and no one will see me weep.
Lost Indeed Apr 2021
You know, life hasn't been kind.
And now I am too tired to try.
To lay in bed and slip into your eyes.
To remember the taste of lips and cry.
Live enough to realize that I wanna die.
o l
Lost Indeed Aug 2019
Poetry is dead.
And it is reborn in every verse.
Poetry is dead.
Because it is a beautiful curse.

Every poet needs to give a part of his soul.
A sacrifice to existence.
This is my undeniable role.
Constant dying without assistance.

Poetry is dead.
Because cannot be killed
Poetry is dead.
Because it hurts too much to feel.

A burden that I did not choose, words that I cannot say.
Silent music, a quiet pray.
Poetry is the symphony that hides in plain sight.
The living warrior, the holy knight.
Lost Indeed Aug 2019
I look to the stars and they beg me to stay.
You pull me down and talk about those nights in May.
When we were one, inseparable by the gravity of love.
We used to fly away to the galaxies above.

Now you say that you love me but you never smile.
Your lips say sweet words but your eyes put me on trial.
I fell for your curse again and I am on my knee.
Because tonight I belong to you and you belong to me.

My love, hit me like you never did before.
Hate me like you never did before.
Let's do it until the walls vibrate with our pride.
We gonna hear that all the stars cried.

You taste reminds me of marshmallow.
Let me play my symphony in your holy cello.
Oh Lord protect me and please look to the other side.
Because tonight this girl made the Devil cry.
Lost Indeed Oct 2018
I fell in love.
I did not want to, but It happen.
I tried to run but it got me.
I cried and it shot me.

It wasn't a bullet but a smile that putted me down.
Another simple man ****** on the crowd.
I know it sounds vague.
But love is like this, mortal like a plague.

Like poison it hurts my mind.
Like water it blurs my sight.
It slowly destroys my conception of what is mine.
Breaking every single piece of what I used called life.

There is no much left to say.
Because on that cold night of winter.
You were the hunter and I was the prey.
Lost Indeed Jan 2020
The walls vibrate to the beats of your heart.
Creating impenetrable barricades.
I cannot leave without playing my part.
Walking on the light stuck in your shade.
Lost Indeed Sep 2020
Is it raining?
Or is just my eyes?
Is the ground Closer?
Or is just my face in it?
Is it all dull?
Or I am just broken?
Lost Indeed Mar 2019
Everything is ok.
Everything is alright.
The world is a beautiful place.
And we will all gonna die.

We have rainbows full of color.
We live in the mud drowned in sorrow.
But please do not be shy.
Look in my eyes and promise you will not gonna cry.
Lost Indeed Sep 2019
Be careful little one do not go far away.
There is a name in this town that no one dares to say.
The evil spirit that never stops, don't die, doesn't decay.
A black boy with one leg that it will ruin your day.

You can see his smoke coming from the trees.
You can hear his laugh when you turn to flee.
It is over now he already runs the show.
Saci will come to catch you, eat you and grab your soul.
Lost Indeed Aug 2019
I've walked through the valley of death.
I saw the abyss and heaven.
I fell in love with the moon.
I met Gods and Devils.

I was there when the stars exploded.
I was there when the galaxies were young.
I've seen more life than you could ever imagine.
I've caused more death than you could ever dream of.

But I could never predict what you did to me.
I would never be prepared for your curse.
You populated my head and shattered my reality.
You defeated me, you are my end and I am your beginning.

Now I can hear your voice in the wind.
I can smell your perfume in every flower.
I can see your name on the smoke of my cigars.
Because sweetheart we are more than stars.
Lost Indeed Oct 2019
I walked into a room and I could feel your smell.
My memories drifted and my pupils swell.
The end is near and I can hear the bell.
Because when you left me in heaven it became my hell.

I should forget and simply let it go.
But you follow my thoughts and silenced my echo.
I think we are done and I need to heal.
Because this is the end by God and the Devil I seal.
Lost Indeed Oct 2018
Sitting in the edge of the night.
Waiting for the end to pass by.
Thinking about the day that you said goodbye.
And even though there was no light in the sky.
We both knew that angels know how to cry.

I shout to the endless dark of a starless night.
And I realized that I am just lost in plain sight.
In the middle of everyone but the only one to hide.
That life is sad and we all going to die.

The only thing that I ask is that you love me on more time.
Let the dark in and consume what is mine.
Let the fire burn what is left of your life.
And then, just then love like we are sinners in the middle of the night.
Lost Indeed Apr 2020
I fell in love with a star.
And as sad as it sounds.
She still visits me every night.
To hold and kiss at the dying light.
To love and dream with no bounds.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
We stole our melodies from the birds.
And your eyes from the sun.
We are thieves.
Our beat comes from the sea.
And the breath from the wind.
We are thieves.
Our bones are made of galaxies.
And the teeth of pure sand.
We are thieves. 
You are... you were.
I am... you were.
Lost Indeed Sep 2019
The steam cover my room.
I cannot see.
The hot water numb my body.
So I cannot flee.

I'm sitting on the shower.
Contemplating the abyss.
Scavenging my memories.
Trying to find one of his.

I close my eyes hoping to go.
But I am still alive.
To feel, to die, to grow.
Lost Indeed Apr 2021
I would say that in my life.
I've seen the dark and the light.
I fought for what I thought was right.
And I saw the end with fiery pride.
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