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the first night i saw you,
i thought you were the one
who i can trust to
cast the memory charm on me.

i've been waiting for so long
to see the green light,
it made me blind.

the first night we talked,
i thought you can erase it —
worries, anxieties, and the voices
inside my head.

boy, i was wrong.
i should've learned occlumency
for you are one legillimens.
The panic sets in and my lungs
Turn into mice held in the tyrannical
Grasp of the boa constrictor.

Tsunami waves of fear rush over
The surface of my skin like the
Tremors of an earthquake.

Heat rises to my eyeballs,
Red from the hot springs that
Were leaking from their ducts.

Breathe. Calm. Repeat
Until it becomes a mantra,
Or perhaps a curse.

Hire the witch doctor to
Medicate me, and exorcise
The demons from my brain.

Breathe. Calm. Repeat.
Fake it till you make it,
At least that's what they say.
cleaned my face, fixed my hair
washed away all my tears
now stood here looking at you
wondering why, so confused
i ask around
you say you're fine
but here you are alone crying
how could you have been so stupid
how could you have let them in
you thought that they would change
well darling think again
angry, alone, scared
what was i thinking
how could i have dared
to stand up against you
take hold of you hand
still wasn't quick enough
since the sands
of time have already been drained
just like my head in this stupid game
of yours which you continue to play
i keep thinking that someday
things will be different
you'll both change
i guess not so here i stay
like everything else i'll leave this to fate
 Aug 2018 brandy hall
I love happy poems
Cause the writer is happy
That makes me happy
You don't read many happy poems, these days.
 Aug 2018 brandy hall
JL Smith
Seven billion people
Seven billion faces
Scattered across our globe
Composed of beautiful races
Some rough around the edges
Others smooth as velvet,
But when pieced together
Form a puzzle if we solve it
From first glance, you look different
And what's unknown instills fear,
But my heart knows better
For all of humanity bleeds a red so sincere

© JL Smith
 Aug 2018 brandy hall
Ciel Noir
Other star
Bathes me in her eerie light
Casting strange shadows
 Aug 2018 brandy hall
oh, with witty words
you tell the tales of
trees and birds,
comparing them with human beings

And, how so blithe
one may be, charmed
or harmed,
speak the inspirations of heaven's grace

with obvious skill, among
the wisest to ever wield
a word,
can I ask of you, one question?

If you have all the answers,
Sir, poet of noble appeal,
why do you cloak
all the answers in riddles?
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