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Cam Dec 2020
You can leave.
and push me away,
but I promise  
I will always stay,
by your side
where I belong,
‘cause even if
you do me wrong,
it’s just me and you
so I’ll see it through,
‘cause don’t ya know,
I love you.
Cam Nov 2020
The people you love,
will always be there
to fill your soul with laughter,
to fill your heart with warmth,
to set the table and pass the food,
to make a toast and cheer to the good times.

Family is forever.
COVID is not.

Happy thanksgiving!
Cam Nov 2020
Fluttering hearts
beat like drums
against Painted Feathers

Their lives speed by,
fragile and fleeting
like the cherry blossoms
of spring.

Life’s most magnificent picture
painted with watercolor,
on thin paper.

yet peaceful.
but elusive.

I wonder,
if they live life fast

or if we
are just slow.
I’m in the middle of my hummingbird watercolor and needed to give the painting a melody:)
Cam Nov 2020
The storms
Holds secrets
Swept up by their ghastly gales
#10w #secrets
  Nov 2020 Cam
Val Vik
within the sea of northern lights . . .
within the blazing stars . . . within your heart
there is a tide. . . of sweeping energy, it rises and falls,
ebbs and flows, comes and goes. . .
Hammock Travel : )
Feb 2019
Cam Nov 2020
When the world
To let the light in,
Turn on the light inside of you.

When the world
Is awash
With bitter cold,
Fuel the flame in the hearth.

When the world
To silence you,
Scream your name from the rooftops.

When the world pushes you down,
Tests your limits,
And blocks your way,
Find the hand reaching out to you,
And let them pull you back up.

You are not alone.

Our paths may be different but we journey as one.
You will get through this.

I promise.

<3 Cam
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