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Timur Shamatov Oct 2018
Flames of passion dying red
Ambers fading - turning black

Dreams of love filled thoughts
Turning into pain filled doubts

Mind caught in purgatory
Of self inflicted speculation

Angels falling from skies above
Demons raising from hateful contemplation

Roots never had a chance to take
Roses welting from the lack of faith

From the start you already knew
That what you felt was so untrue

Black roses is what I’ll give to you
To signify the end of what we meant to you.
Jonesy Jul 2016
I am the black rose,
The exotic kind,
The kind that is a beautiful mystery.
The type that stands out on its own,
Because its rare.

I am the black rose,
It reminds me of the thrilling mysteries of the night,
Like the secret behind the stars;
For I am a mystery to begin with,
I am a beautiful, rare, exotic black rose.

                        Jonesy 2016©

— The End —