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  Jun 2015 Greyson Fay
try to remember how you felt before you met him.
Do you remember? Comment.
  Jun 2015 Greyson Fay
We danced away
under the misty starlight.
I was lost in your eyes.
what a night.

We woke up
under sheets of rich
red rose-coloured garments
of silk and lavender.

We kissed,
and cuddled
through the sound of rain
hitting the roof
and through the roars
of lightning
and thunder.

We strolled
through an enchanted,
rich meadow,
and trekked
through the mountains
all covered with  snow.

You looked at me
and told me,
that I should know:
that you love me.
That you wouldn't let me go.

And in that moment,
I said it didn't matter.
That the words weren't necessary.
That they would only get lost,
fragile sound waves obscured
in the chaos of the ether.
Like tears frozen in frost.
I said I could feel it anyway.
I knew it.
That you didn't have to say.
And in that moment,
we were perfect.
Everything was beautiful.
No pain;
when *I woke up.
You always wake from dreams.
Greyson Fay Jun 2015
Life's just a bottle of embarrassment with a lemon of succes.
Greyson Fay Jun 2015
I can't tell you about the pain in my chest because I don't understand it.
I can't tell you about my emotions because I know you can't stand it
Greyson Fay Jun 2015
My love didn't fade, smear or go away
To love me is a trade.
To give your heart away

To break it is a blade
Sharp and cold
Straight through my veins
Greyson Fay Jun 2015
People can leave and burn their bridges,
but I'm always willing to jump the river.
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