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 Aug 2015 Greyson Fay
Adrian Ware
I am left yearning for her
For when she is not in my presence
Time passes by and I'm just left counting the seconds
And they drag on like years
So when a hour passes by I try to picture her being there
I yearn for her unprovoked protest
The words in which she speaks just to start a argument
My belove I enjoy your idea of torment
Because the sound of your voice makes everything more interesting
I yearn for her lips, her hips, and the feeling of her soft fingertips
Every single feature leaves me stumbling over my own words
Which is why I desire her
So yes when she is not next to me
I yearn for her
Every second, every hour weather asleep
My mind travels, seeing as the future unravels
I only want to carry her
As I wait for this once in a life time marriage to occur
 Aug 2015 Greyson Fay
Adrian Ware
Saying goodbye is something we dread which is what my grandfather said when I was a child about to leave their house for the afternoon
I said goodbye but he said I'll see you soon
Because the word that I used in his own words was said far to soon
He said goodbye means that we won't see each other again
So every since then I have came up with different ways to say that I'm leaving
Like I see you soon or I'll get back to you in a few or maybe we will cross one paths when the sky turns back to the color light blue
Because goodbye is a word that's used when you have a casket in your view
It should not be referred to as way to depart on a day to day basis
It's a word that's used when have disappearing faces
With every breath,
You exhale fear.
With every gasp,
You inhale death.

The parasol is the umbrella’s daughter,
And associates with a fan
While her father abuts the tempest
And abridges the rain.

The former assists a siren
In her serene display;
But her father is borne and honored,
And borrowed to this day.
 Jun 2015 Greyson Fay
try to remember how you felt before you met him.
Do you remember? Comment.
 Jun 2015 Greyson Fay
I'm still missing you. I often wonder if I miss you because I really do or because that's what I've become accustomed to. It's all I've done for 8 months. Maybe missing you is my hobby. Maybe it's time I do something else.
She was gorgeous, all the guys told her so
They told her as they tugged on her jeans
As they pulled on her top
As they tried to get her to **** them
What good is the word of someone who wants something from you?
It is nothing, words like that carry no weight
They are only said because they expect an exchange
Their words for what's in between her thighs
Words for a body
That's all she is
Words for a body
 Jun 2015 Greyson Fay
You were the ocean and I was mad to swim when I knew I'd drown
But darling
I fell in love with the way the waves spilled onto your cheeks
and left their taste on your lips
and how could I?
How indeed,
could I do anything,
except revel in that madness,
by god,
I'd rather drown in your love,
than die from my thirst.
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