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Arlo Disarray
In your imagination    I'm not here to save the world, or destroy it. Simply, just to live in it.
Adrian Ware
23/M/Winter Heaven, Florida    I'm inspired to write. My motivation comes from my surroundings but most importantly I love poetry it's a part of me. I self pushlished my ...
Sam Stone Grenier
22/M/Wisconsin    Experimental Poet
UK.    Sometimes I wake up at 3am with verses in my head. A bit about me: I'm more influenced by song lyrics than actual 'poetry' (though ...
Nicholas Cassidy
Florida    Musician and song writer from Illinois. "You Cant Stop Someone Who Knows Where They Are Going"
21/Non-binary/MNL    struggling to find what my hands are for.
Kat Astrid
28/Gender Fluid/Philppines    AB Literature. INTJ Writer. Author.
Theodore Bird
London    Birds and boys.
Laura Klawiter
"I go to seek a great perhaps." --Francois Rabelais
Jeffrey Pua
"The Pearl of the Orient"    "Good guys finish last because they put their ladies first."
Lana is an award-winning author and Poet Laureate. She's the winner of the 2018 International Book Award for Poetry for her new collection "To theLeft ...
Chris Weallans
London    Biography tells who you were; poems tell who you are. a pen to scratch its bleed of ink into a sweet clean virgin page. To ...
calpurnia mockingbird
Cardiff    I work in mental health which is pretty stressful sometimes so my outpourings are my release. Please note that all works posted by me are ...
Missy Beminio
Lakewood    Simple
a wildfire
'tower up into the night like a young tree.' photographer. i write about shadows and light and love.
If I could only find the words then I would write it all down. If I could only find a voice I would speak. Read ...
Liz And Lilacs
America    My writing is from the heart. I spend little time planning my poems. A thought pops into my head and I give it freedom. All ...
Carlie Richardson
24/F/Georgia, USA    • when in doubt, write it out • •if you love someone you should never hurt them, never. •
25/F/Canada    Sarah Ahmed
Andrew L Starosta
Thinking Out Loud
My poems are simply my thoughts stemming from poetic lies, along with the beautiful and sometimes ugly truth. "I am still so naive; I know ...
zaineb nabi
Eli Smith
Michigan    My poems vary a lot, many are written to be preformed as a slam poem, but others are sarcastic or serve other purposes.
Tanya Chaudhary
New Delhi, India
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