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Gerald Jun 25
To want to speak. And not to know how.

To feel. And not to know what.

To be dead, and breathing; somehow.
Gerald Aug 15
And there I was;

alone again.

But it didn't bother me anymore. My heart had become a harbor for ghosts.
They come. But they don't stay. But they also don't really leave.
Gerald Aug 13
The light knows me; however, in bits and pieces. The darkness knows me well.
Gerald Jun 2020
You hate me..

'cause I'm the one
person you couldn't fool.

Hexes and spells just
don't work on me.

I'm the very
darkness that makes
up you.
Gerald Aug 15
I broke silence
to keep me from

But a monster was
lurking on the
Gerald Feb 17
Where do all those unexpressed emotions go?

Do they die, or maybe they just wander around inside?

Is my heart a grave yard...Or a town full of words yearning to be heard?
Gerald 3d
Maybe that's the point of it all.

Maybe we have to fall,
and we have to
break, until we cannot
break anymore.
Gerald Aug 28
I guess you like it when I'm begging.

You thought you'd always have me at your mercy.

Well you should know; even the strongest feelings fade, when taken for granted and ignored.
Gerald Sep 29
He is everything I'll never be; enough and appealing.

And I'm everything that he isn't; broken and entombed. Put away.

But becoming - blooming.
Gerald Sep 29
Hearts don't
break like glass.

Hearts break like cables;
they bend and they twist.

It hurts a lot before they snap.
Gerald Oct 1
How foolish
of me to think
I would heal.

I tend to
forget I've got
holes in my heart.

It can never fill.
Gerald 1h
And the bones of
all the people you buried
come back to life;
fleshless bones emerging, haphazardly...from dust.

But while all this used
to frighten me,
It all now just makes
me feel more alive.
Gerald Jun 2020
You gave back only a fraction of what I gave. Leaving me to wonder where all the other pieces went.

And I gave you all of me.
Gerald 2d
came too soon.
And while
he knew the inevitable,
he never expected
he'd fade away
that quickly.
Gerald Oct 9
Words meant for you, I told someone else.

When I should be in your arms, I find myself lying some place else.
Gerald Aug 15
She drunk his sweet
words like poison;
She knew they would **** her eventually.

She wore his
compliments like bait luring
the demons. She knew they were coming.
Just to know how it feels. "Put dracula in charge of the blood bank"
Gerald Aug 13
But if you chased my
demons away, what am I
really left with?

Angels don't know what
it's like to be an
Gerald Jun 2020
Maybe something I don't know about happened in the past.

Perhaps someone took away my heart.

Or is it just me?
Because everyone I meet makes me feel like I'm just so hard to love.

And now...they find it odd, that I like it so much in the dark.
Gerald Jun 2020
And at some point, you will forget that you forgot.

- then tears start to fall
Gerald Sep 27
You carry my worth
in your eyes.

Like the moon
and the sea with his tides;

you make me fall.
you make me rise.
Gerald Jun 2020
I have myself to blame.
Every "stop" sign I knocked down is a witness.
Gerald Aug 13
...and this is what you've taught me; how to love someone deeply, and not want them close.

So this is what you've done. You kept me warm: and now I know to feel the cold.
Gerald Jun 2020
Its really hard to escape,
When the thing you're running from is yourself.
Gerald Jun 2020
I had to stop.
Because what else is left to give, when you give it all you got?
Gerald 17h
Maybe we
do not love the
darkness after all.

Maybe we are
just forced to be the
things we're not.
Gerald Jun 13
Sometimes you can feel the void. The emptiness. You can feel the wind blow through the chambers of your heart. And sometimes, there's a haunting silence; the sound of ghosts of all the people I've ever loved.
Gerald Jun 2020
You can throw me to the wolves, they won't hurt me. The wolves know my scent. We howl at the moon together.

You can take me to the demons, they don't terrify me. The devil knows my name. We spend nights together.

You can give me up to ghosts so they haunt me. Oh! How they like it; this void in my chest, where my heart used to be.
Gerald 6d
You took my worth
with you when
you left.

But why
should I be mad,
when all you did was
just take back what you gave.
Gerald Feb 19
"I've got an infinite number of places to go, the problem is where to stay."
Gerald Jun 2020
I'm used.

Just that sometimes it gets really heavy!
Gerald Jun 2020
"Just how dark?" They ask.

"Sometimes I give the devil quite a scare," I reply.
Gerald Jun 2020
The night is cold. The night is long.

I'm talking to people, but they don't hear me.
'Cause they're all gone.
Gerald Jun 2020
You loved me like they do in the movies.
Perhaps thats the reason why it ended.
Gerald Jun 2020
Candles burn out,

Gerald Jul 2020
I gave her my heart, but she never cares for it.

It just sits there...

                    ..collecting dust.
Gerald Jun 2020
Sometimes I ask for nothing but a feeling

Somedays all that I want is to just feel something;

A little worth. A little pain. A little love maybe.
Gerald Jun 2020
Not one of them knows me. They think I'm lost, when I just know many ways.

I have all this inside of me, but to them its just words.
Gerald Sep 2020
You squeeze all the
love out of me.
Then you leave me
on poles to dry, hanging.
Gerald Jun 2020
Don't get too close.
                     I     e  x  p   l   o     d   e!
Gerald Sep 28
I was just trying to save the little that was left of me.

I didn't know.

Putting out the flames, when emotions set you ablaze just turns your heart cold.
Gerald Oct 3
Sometimes you mean just a little. And sometimes you mean nothing at all.

— The End —