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Mar 2017 · 355
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2017
Faithful You have been,
And faithful You will be.
Dear God
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2016
I asked for the moon,
He gave me the sun.

I wanted a kiss,
and I tasted the galaxies in her lips.

I asked her for love,
and she gave me her heart.
Thank you for being much and more.
May 2016 · 367
Elijah Nicholas May 2016
She looks at me not with love, but with hate. . .
May 2016 · 387
Elijah Nicholas May 2016
You see, that's the thing about life. All of a sudden it kind of just cuts off mid sen–
Apr 2016 · 865
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2016
No one really has answers—
Just stories.
Feb 2016 · 585
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2016
You see,
I get it.
I get it when people say, "there's nothing too big that you can't handle," or,
"God will never put you through anything you can't handle", or,
"There's no obstacle too big. . ." yada yada *******.
I get it.
I get that it serves as a reminder to us that no matter what we face in life, we are already strong enough to overcome it.
It's true. I totally get it.

But that's *******.
Everything about those sayings and statements is *******.
I want people to look at my life—I want people to look at what I've gone through and say,
"How the **** did he do that??"
I want to look at my life,
And say,
"How the **** did I do that??"
I want to be able to say that life had me cornered, but I fought my way through.
I want to be able to say that life had me backed up, but I pushed back harder.
I want to be able to say that life knocked me down, but I got back up again, again, and again.
I want to be able to say that I conquered my mountains,
I conquered my Goliath's,
I conquered the very thing that I thought I was incapable of and unqualified of conquering.
I want to be able to say that I got through things that were BIGGER than me.
And I want to be able to say that life was pressing me,
But I got stronger.
I got better,
And I got smarter.
I want to be able to say that life dragged me to my breaking point,
But I pushed it to the next level—beyond my limits.
I don't want to say "nothing is too big"
Because to me that basically says that nothing I face is worthy of something—
That nothing I face will make me stronger,
Will make me better, and shape me into the person I am today.

Character is forged through the fire of life. And we can only see what we are made of when we take on a life that is bigger than ourselves.
Hello followers, sorry it's been a while. I'm not sure if anyone will read this but I'm going to be a father. My awesome girlfriend is about seven months pregnant now and in about a month from now up until the actual due date, I might be able to meet my baby girl. Life is a bit hectic right now and I'm focusing on trying to survive and provide for my future family. Keep me and mines in your prayers and thoughts if you are able to. I appreciate it! Aloha!
Nov 2015 · 448
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2015
Not all wounds,
Turn into scars.
Oct 2015 · 569
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2015
And from the dirt,
Man was formed.
And from the mouth of God
Breathed life to give life.
Of all the things God created
You and I
Took his breath away.
Oct 2015 · 734
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2015
I do not have the body of David.
Sculpted and chiseled from the hands of an artist.
I do not claim to have eyes
that were kissed by Aphrodite herself.
My skin does not glow
under the scorching sun.
The world does not flock to me,
and not a lot of people
are quite fond of me.
I am not what you wanted
and what you asked for.
But this is life,
and in this life,
we shouldn't ask for more.
Oct 2015 · 350
Elijah Nicholas Oct 2015
And out from her mouth
Came the kind of song
That connected the heavens and earth,
The mountains and sky,
And space to eternity.
Her love didn't make sense,
But it was perfect.
The kind of perfect that left you breathless
After a good hard ****.
The kind of perfect that left you gasping for air
After the world has tried to drown you
And all the stars were cheering you on.
Poetry, and rainbows
Are not suppose to make sense
But if you look at it
From a different perspective
Then maybe,
Maybe it will.
Sep 2015 · 354
Brain damage
Elijah Nicholas Sep 2015
We forget the things we want to remember,
Yet we remember the things we want to forget.
Aug 2015 · 511
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2015
My eyes alone
Are not enough
To hold everything
That you are.
Thoughts at work
Aug 2015 · 712
Elijah Nicholas Aug 2015
If our love
Is not enough
To make you
Forget about
Old lovers.

Then please leave.
Jul 2015 · 510
12:59 AM
Elijah Nicholas Jul 2015
I was never afraid of fire.
And maybe that's why
I fell in love with you.
Jun 2015 · 435
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
My bones,
They whisper.

Can you hear your name?
Jun 2015 · 872
While we were in bed
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
Making love to you was never about us lying naked in bed.
Making love to you was whenever our foreheads rested on each other
And our heads were gently tucked carefully on our necks.
Jun 2015 · 716
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
She speaks like the rain,
And walks like thunder.
Jun 2015 · 933
Elijah Nicholas Jun 2015
And here I am,
Picking up the broken pieces that he left.
But I'm not a janitor, baby.
Nor am I him.
I am an artist,
And I can create anything out of nothing.
You are the blank canvas
And I am the paint.
May 2015 · 460
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
This is not the pinnacle of our existence.

Meeting you was just a stepping stone into another season of life.

Stay with me. . .  
Walk with me. . .
Run with me,
And we'll conquer this ******* world together.
May 2015 · 357
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Turn up the volume.
Drown out the thoughts.
It's 10:27, and I don't know where I am.
May 2015 · 385
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
**** playing games.
I need someone who's down for me
And only me.
May 2015 · 747
3pm kind of love
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
The sound of our heavy breathing filled the silence around us.
Our bodies glistened with sweat
From the sunlight that pierced through the window blinds and rested on our skin.
There was nothing but love in the air
And your soul that was soaked into my bedsheets.
May 2015 · 1.3k
I Am
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
With or without you,
**I am enough.
May 2015 · 394
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Listen to the cadence of my heart,
and soul.

*It beats for you
Rachel Ann, I love you
May 2015 · 685
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
I peeled off her Victoria Secret's.
Between her thighs I saw desire slowly dripping down her skin.
When I slipped my tongue between her slit
I could taste love, passion, and yearning,
and in her eyes I saw the way
I wanted to be looked at, forever.
May 2015 · 293
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
With you I can feel everything.
And every shade of gray in between.
May 2015 · 495
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Everything I am
Everything you are
May 2015 · 379
Elijah Nicholas May 2015
Thank you for missing me.

No one has ever done that before.
Apr 2015 · 334
One day
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
I'd like to have *** on the beach with the one I love with the stars above us and nothing but her body and the cold sand under us.
Apr 2015 · 1.9k
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
Don't be so vain to think you're a *******.
I'm the whole log of ****.
Heaven has enough poets,
Satan needs a new advocate.
Something I told Paul hahaha. I thought it was pretty witty and clever
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
I'd rather have bad days with you,
Than good days without you.
Apr 2015 · 373
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
If this is all a lie,
Then this would be the sweetest lie
I have ever tasted.

If what we have is not love,
Then may I never know what love is.
Apr 2015 · 452
Story time
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
In the end,
I am an admirer of good stories.
but you were not meant to be a story
to be looked back upon.
If truth be told,
I would like to look back in time with you
right by my side.
Apr 2015 · 368
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
How can I let
The demons from the past
And the ghosts inside my head
Keep me
From enjoying what has been placed in front of me.
Apr 2015 · 639
The Haunting
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
The ghosts whisper.


Haunted by a demon that no longer lives
Within me.
The Devil doesn't need to do anything,
When it's me who's holding the blade to my throat.

Screaming as the chatter screams louder

But there's nothing.
No one.

I cry and scream
And cut open my throat
And let the blood fill my lungs
Blaming everyone and everything,
Blaming demons and ghosts,

When it was me holding the blade.
Apr 2015 · 291
Elijah Nicholas Apr 2015
"No wonder they all left."
Mar 2015 · 963
When Love Arrives
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
Love doesn't always arrive
In the form of a bestfriend.
Nor does it always have a fairy tale beginning.

Love arrives in the messiest,
Muddiest times in our lives.

But how great is it
To be walking out of hell,
To be walking out of the mud,
With someone by your side.

I told myself years ago,
If to love meant to stay muddy and bruised then I will forget what it is like to ever be clean.

And alas, love has arrived
And love is here.
I love you, Rachel Ann.
Mar 2015 · 399
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
I wrote my heart away with the blood
From the gashes you made in my soul.

I strung together words and orchestrated metaphors
To bring life into the pain you brought into my life.

I created you to be better
Than what you actually were.

I strained—
I pressed on to get where I am today.

How foolish of me to think the sun shined from your ***
When it was really hell gasping for air.
To the one who catapulted me to where I am today, thank you.
Mar 2015 · 627
I promise
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
When confusion comes,
And the rooster crows.
When darkness settles,
And coldness falls,
I will hold your hand,
Through it all.
Rachel Ann
Mar 2015 · 334
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
**** the boy

Before he kills you
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Take My Hand
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
We'll turn this world upside
We'll dance with the stars
and sing with the moon.
We'll jump from galaxy to galaxy
with the world
looking up
and watching
It's been about a year
since I've known you.
A long ******* year,
but we are here.
We are here,
we are here,
and I love you.
Mar 2015 · 559
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
No one is going to be there to cheer you on at three in the morning
When your demons are picking you apart.
No one is going to be there to stand by your side
When you're all alone facing Goliath.
While the world is sleeping,
You are fighting an empire.
The world will wake up in a couple hours
Oblivious to the fact that you were up all night
Fighting a war.
Mar 2015 · 302
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
where are you. . .
Mar 2015 · 310
Elijah Nicholas Mar 2015
I should be sleeping,
instead of waiting for you to reply.
you're probably sleeping.
i want to sleep too,
but i can't.
i can't.
Feb 2015 · 565
Until well,
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2015
We didn't come on this planet to learn perfect love.
We came from perfect love and we are going back to perfect love.
We forget that a relationship consists of two broken people who choose each other.
Like two wounded animals coming together and fighting to survive in a forest
That contains things ready to **** them.

Before we met we were two wounded animals.
We still are two wounded animals,
But as the days go by and the months go by,
We are learning to adapt in a world that is fighting to **** us off.
Struggling to stay afloat in an ocean that is ready to drown us.

But as long as I'm by your side
I will choose you
And fight for you
Until. . .

Until well. . .
You say so.
Feb 2015 · 962
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2015
Star-crossed lovers?
More like clashing meteors.
We were soaring from opposite ends of the galaxy,
And somehow,
Written in the foundations of time before the world was formed,
We were meant to cross paths.

At first it was brutal,
At first it was painful.

Everyone said love is beautiful,
But they forgot to mention that it is broken too.
I love you,
And I love us
Feb 2015 · 491
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2015
There is something about your sweet,
gentle smile
that warms me up in a way
the sun can not.
Feb 2015 · 325
Elijah Nicholas Feb 2015
when I am with you,

the world doesn't exist.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
I will hold you
Like the sun
Holds the moon
And the ocean
Holds the sky.
Jan 2015 · 472
Elijah Nicholas Jan 2015
Ocean breath and salty lips,
We kissed the wounds that were carved into our skin,
And it burned.
We're swimming in an ocean we have never swam in before
And the farther we swim,
The longer we swim,
We will become free.
Free from everything that was latched onto us before we met.
They will call for us.
Scream for us.
Cry for us,
But we will swim,
And swim.

So let's go.

They can have the world,
We'll find our own.
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