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A knife
caressing my thighs
to my wrists

A chemical mixture
swallowed down
with a drink

A lover
you’ve never tasted
There used to be butterflies
living inside my chest,

but they turned into bats
when it got dark

The bats fed on my blood,
and my chest was their cave

There used to be orchids
above my ears and to my hair

But now I am dead,
the weeping orchids bled

As it withered upon my grave,
and emitted the scent of death and I

Its decayed petals dropped
like blood from cut veins

The corpse flower,
scentless bloom of death belongs
I want orchids not death
My Jealousy, you inspire me to write.
I hate the way you reach, walk and shiver,
Invading my mind day and through the night.

Brittle, weak I don't want to be but its me
hurts emotionally. In my chest it aches and tears down my self

I want to be someone else not me.
Oh my jealousy,It's degrading and hurtful.
It has an evil mind
And a sad smile, furthermore
It lingers, I feel frightened.
from the soul
Even if you're not here to stay, I'm happy the universe allowed your soul to stop by.
Recently my 3 year relationship ended.
Though I do not feel any emotions yet, I am sure that one random night around 2AM will be there.
Here is to moving on to focus on more important things.
Those moments in the middle of the night that come rushing back, warping reality...
Those will be my downfall.
Prayers are answered by the universe,
not through grand revelations,
but tiny little moments.
At least for me anyways.
She was torn,
Broken into pieces.
She pieced herself together,
Turned herself into an art.
A mosaic of disaster,
That made her a beautiful mess.
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