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Lama 7d
I never changed
I never will
I never caved
My baring quill
I never laid
A finger on the ill
And I will continue to bathe
Washing my fears out of their cells

Hope’s a fairytale
A figment of reality
Contempt for the pale
Quests conclude in mortality

Ruthlessly honest my life I lead
But for my emotions I selfishly conceal
My battles under the ground like seeds
Growing awry my desire to feel
Lama Oct 14
birthed together we were
inside one womb
sharing the same wounds
and when I first saw light
I held on to you tight
thought you were my rescue
all my fears were fed to you
overwhelmingly defeated
a burden cautiously created
in the mornings I’m rigidly breathing
when the sun is out I’m bleeding
cuddled all my sorrow in the cabin
I yielded but you’re still in a famine
you’re draining me friend, let me sleep
I will wake you tomorrow
when my terrors lurk again
Lama Oct 8
tears scratching my face
I turned 60, in two decades
nobody by my side, I’m limping
a moth surviving amongst butterflies
my life is nothing but polished lies
a child stabbing the mother’s womb
regretting the day they shared a tune
but she left her flowers in home
to die, whilst she got lost in rome
then she recalled her flowers are parched
the water is out and the walls are hatched
dry clouds did not rain for 6 months
they screamed for help to make thuds
amend the broken ones! split their pain
to bloom and grow without fears again
Lama Oct 6
I confused on a gracious land
confronting my demons
how can I keep having a light
when the sparks refuse to hold my hand

the love of my life left me
like an abandoned tear
a blind eye cannot see
but it can dim a heart that is dear

I never lied, dearest
it was you I wanted forever
never enough for you, I’m fleeting
I hope I stay alive until december

untreated wound my soul is
reaching, for something pure
I wrote your words on my wrist
to the furthest grave I drove
Lama Sep 30
Why love have to be such pain
I just want to laugh and keep you between
My wounded heart and small feet
And for any ache you’d be the right treat

My girl is not just a dream
She lives in my head
And water my parched fields
She looks at me and I soften like a kiss

Above the fire her and I stand
Our tears coincided in a rush
I will numb your pain and make it a feast
I will make your enemies taste our lust

I close my eyes in the morning
Drained and weak from having a heart within
I ignored my feelings long enough
Until the heart I owned faded in

Birds on my broken branches
Waking my fingers to poke the clouds
But they have been cut off
When I lost my grip in crowds

Love, a sweet feeling to keep
Even when it makes you weep
Lama Sep 26
***** socks, wet feet
empty white box
mothers dance in beat
flags cover the rocks
a legacy, an old man seek
my love for you, a hoax
my trembled body is mocked
on a soaked towel to smear

but my eyes shine
through your mind
a reckless shrine
above the tide
hold me tight
my faithless light
Lama Sep 22
though I fell, you’re still awake
reminiscing the past, full on rage
kiss me harder, faceless dream
wings of sorrow, emerald gaze
hopelessness in the shadow of fame
growing astray, my lonely seed
you’re inside me, I’m in a daze
I look beside me, you wash your face
my fingertips dance around your lips
I feel you near, can’t escape like a fish
I drowned alive between your hips
tasted heaven, sinners to polish
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