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Sep 21 · 39
Special Power
Her special power
was neglect
and I felt it immensely
a feeling I knew all to well
but could never get use to
Sep 9 · 155
Some Days
Some days
I feel neglected
some days
I feel loved
some days
I feel everything
some days
none of the above
some days
I need attention
Some days
I just need a hug
but most days all I need
is my own love
Jun 28 · 66
Perfect Pair
She was my beauty
I was her beast
every night together
was a feast
spread her legs
kissed her there
she even loved
how I pulled her hair
ravaged her body
she loved to stare
behind closed doors
we’re the perfect pair
Jun 28 · 82
Thy Tears
Oh that smile
how it sent shivers
down my spine
silencing all noise around me
yet creating a chaos inside me
an uncontrollable urge
to kiss thee
and shed thy tears profusely
Jun 23 · 90
expect me to remember you tomorrow
when you forgot about me today
Jun 20 · 439
any man and he’ll agree
women are the most beautiful creatures you’ll ever see
Jun 19 · 99
Her wicked tongue
caressed my ears
with promises of ****** grandeur
all I wanted was to be held
until I slumbered
Jun 19 · 258
The sun
shined brightly upon my face
yet I was still in darkness
trapped in between
the walls of my mind
in utter sadness
a love once full of brightness
never to be heard again
left in a life full of madness
Jun 12 · 148
Stop making excuses
why we can’t be together
and accept all the reasons
why were meant for each other
Jun 11 · 164
Once again
life has burdened me
with the reality
that not all is simple and sweet
but cruel and full of deceit
simply explained
that all love
is balanced with pain
Jun 9 · 95
who don’t get it
are those who don’t care
Jun 5 · 76
who shunned us
when we were in need
will always search for us
that is indeed
Jun 4 · 68
Warm Space
found a warm space
in my heart and mind
where she will be safe and loved
until the end of time
Jun 4 · 111
was in utter loneliness
trapped in between
the walls of my mind  
forced to create a universe
that only I found divine
on the outside
I was just a face with a smile
all along on the inside
her and I were floating
down the Nile
May 30 · 316
A Haunting
The tears
trickled down my cheeks
like the rain on window panes
once again I was left alone
to suffer in vain
with the memories of a love
that will forever remain
a haunting that will eventually
drive me insane
May 29 · 111
I knew
love would **** me
a death I openly accepted
what better way to die
than being madly in love
and feeling alive
#love #relationships #alive
May 12 · 157
was in complete darkness
an emptiness never felt before
then I awoke
without a single memory of the dark
an eerie feeling of death lingering
down to the marrow of my bones
a darkness I fear one day will return
Cardiac arrest survivor
May 2 · 708
A Taste
dripped across my lips
leaving a taste of lust and sin
a hunger I couldn’t control
wanting to devour her from
May 2 · 339
was a goddess
her touch
softened my heart with emotion  
I dropped to my knees
offering her my full devotion
Apr 19 · 379
Dance Of Love
Our tongues
frolicking in the slippery depths
that can only be described as
a lingual dance of love
Apr 18 · 1.6k
Couldn’t Deny
She had a smile
that drove me wild
I smiled and giggled
like a child
a beauty I couldn’t deny
every time she caught my eye
Apr 1 · 323
Summer Dates
Spring rain
had a subtle hint
of new love blossoming
a prequel to summer dates
at the beach
Mar 13 · 274
All That Remains
I loved her in a way
that couldn’t be explained
an obsession that drove me insane
a love as beautiful as the rain
fotos and memories is all that remains
Feb 26 · 209
the price of fame
is not worth your sanity
getting lost in the game
fighting the battle
between you and your brain
left there to die
losing your soul in vain
Feb 25 · 259
By My Side
I decided
I’m not going to lose weight
because my love handles have been
by my side through thick and thin
a love like no other
better than my double chin
Feb 17 · 423
people are as false
as my teeth
Feb 13 · 236
was a star
that once was
the center of my universe
now fading in the distance
Feb 13 · 190
frolicking wildly
clinging to buildings
and streets
a melancholy beauty
to be admired through
Feb 11 · 467
begins in the mind
and finishes
when she does
Feb 11 · 108
I am
a hopeless romantic
always looking for a sign
a love like no other
simply divine
Feb 10 · 954
tells me that I’m alive
Sunset reminds me
that I lived
Feb 9 · 98
has no understanding  
why it hurts
it only knows to accompany love
wherever it goes
Feb 9 · 111
She tickled
my curiosity
just enough
to keep me
with the simplest
gestures of kindness
Feb 9 · 170
Some stories
never end
they just continue on
long after
you are gone
every time
they mention your name
the angels sing a song
Feb 8 · 163
between two people
should be effortless
a series of seamless emotions
intertwined within each other
creating a moment unaffected
by time
Feb 8 · 175
a place
deep in my mind
I hid from the world
until the demons came
nowhere to go
insanity took over
I was free
Feb 7 · 64
I was tired
of talking to myself
so I decided to write
now I talk to myself
amongst an audience
Feb 7 · 96
As I grow older
it seems I attend more funerals
than weddings
it’s quite confusing sometimes
trying to distinguish between the two
Feb 7 · 86
ever thought the devil
looked like a man
was obviously fooled by her
Feb 7 · 222
Chicken Soup
had an amber glow
that warmed my soul
like mother’s chicken soup
on a cold December morning
Feb 6 · 114
rainy day
like today
is a perfect way
for us to lay
underneath the covers
devouring each other
in every which way
until the next day
Feb 6 · 71
Lust is when  
you can’t live
without each other
Love is when you
let each other live
Feb 6 · 59
Just A Little
All I wanted
before I die
was to leave something behind
a thought
a word
just a little piece of my mind
when it’s all said and done
I hope
you remember me
once I’m gone
Feb 6 · 396
It’s Not Fair
I hid her
in a deep corner
of my mind
even talked to her
all the time
I read her books
kept her safe
until one day
she wanted
my face
I told her
“Baby, please don’t despair!”
She replied
“ it’s not fair! “
I didn’t want anyone to know  
that she was
Feb 5 · 223
was a dream
I once had
manifested into reality
Feb 5 · 102
Butter Cream
Every time
We kissed
I wanted to
Her face
She was as appetizing
As golden yellow cake
With butter cream frosting
Feb 4 · 210
I must confess
she was alluring
I was curious and excited
like a child
on Christmas morning
Feb 4 · 457
The most intimate action
you can have with a woman
is deep conversation
*** is just the resolution
Feb 4 · 179
It was women
like you
who inspired men
like me
into existence
Feb 4 · 249
Guilty Pleasure
was my guilty pleasure
an innocent sin
that no man could condemn
without hypocrisy
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