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Old Soul Jul 2018
I thought dreamcatchers were supposed to catch your bad dreams,
and send them flying out your window.
But the only nightmares I have are once I wake up,
and realize that you were all just a dream.
Old Soul Jul 2018
The darkness of a black hole,
consuming me alive,
leaves me stripped of my senses.

Enveloping me slowly,
as I fall into the abyss,
I am nothing more than a conscious.

Even though I can't see him,
I know he's standing in the darkness,
watching me as I fall.

Among the nothingness,
I feel him deep inside,
As he moves closer to me.

As I open my eyes,
the moon shines brightly,
through my open bedroom window.

Hundreds of miles away,
he sleeps peacefully,
unaware that he is creating galaxies.
Old Soul Feb 2017
Why did you run away,
So thievishly into the night.
Old Soul Jan 2017
I saw him in a dream last night,
As he looked at me and said,
"Walk away from the bright light",
As I was crawling to his bed.

He lured me into darkness,
Left no part of me untouched.
He's my biggest weakness,
I wonder how soon I'll be crushed.

Even though he's a stranger,
I'm attracted to what I see.
A man that's full of danger,
Ripping at the seams.

They say that he's the devil,
That inside he's just dead.
I just can't believe he's evil,
Now that he's stuck here in my head.
Old Soul Nov 2016
I'll be patiently waiting for you,
enveloped in the flames,
that you set to keep me warm.
Trapped in the darkness,
where the only thing I can see,
is your eyes staring back at me.
I'll keep trying to reach out to you,
only to choke on the thickened smoke,
unable to produce a sound.
I'll burn alive here waiting for you,
since you're the only thing I have left,
your dark perfection I have only ever dreamt.
A rough draft of a poem that just came into my head.
Old Soul Nov 2016
Two weeks ago I left you,
Because I had fallen in love with the idea of a man.
It took so much courage,
And last night wasn't part of my plan.

You see the day after I left you,
I found out she was already in your bed,
Making me angry,
The darkness filling my head.

And then to my dismay I found out,
It hasn't been just the past two weeks,
But throughout our relationship,
Making me weak.

I snapped last night,
and you saw the side I didn't want you to see,
After three amazing years,
I was the person I never wanted to be.

I smashed your phone to the ground,
As I punched you in the head,
Threw your laundry into the street,
Mostly just the stuff from your bed.

What I've done to you is nothing compared to this,
Not even thinking of the man in my head,
For all he really is,  is a dark thought you see,
But you're already too busy with her in your bed.
Unpure thoughts of another man led me to leaving my boyfriend of 3 years just for me to find out he'd been cheating on me, with a minor nonetheless
Old Soul Nov 2016
I was watching you that night devil boy,
And I think you knew that even though you wouldn't look at me.
You went off script and decided to be a show off,
And the comment you made proved that you knew I was there watching.
You looked so ****** perfect as you softly sang along to your music,
Making me curious if you were listening to some lovesick song in the same tune as mine.
Your hair peeking out from under your hat was razor straight,
and it invited me to reach out and touch it.
The moonlight reflected off the buckles on your jacket as you moved around,
Catching my eye time and time again.
Your skinny jeans hugged you tightly,
Leaving little to my imagination.
You walked around with so much pride in your step that you almost had me fooled.
It wasn't until I looked into your eyes that I realized you weren't a cocky *******,
It was all just part of the act.
Deep down I saw all of your misery and the moment our eyes connected,
I felt all of your pain.
I wondered how something so beautiful could be so tragic,
As my mind begged me to find out more than just your name.
As I sit here in the moonlight thinking of you I realize I finally figured it out,
Your darkness and perfection all make sense,
Because the devil was an angel once too
I still wish I knew more than your name
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