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AllyRose Apr 2018
Founded an army in my head,
In order to justify that sometimes,
Things are better left unsaid.
This life sentence,
Makes me think I'd be better off dead.
But I must remember to think bigger than myself.
I don't want my army to suffer along with me.
I must fight beside them,
Just as they fight beside me.
There is no failure, when there is still hope.
I've built up my tolerance, grown thicker skin.
I greet tomorrow with a new hope.
AllyRose Apr 2018
Things are getting out of hand.
Peace is no where to be found. I'm tired of contemplating,
And trying to understand, what can't be comprehended.
My sanity fell into a haystack full of needles.

  In order to reclaim it, I will have to bleed.
There are no easy answers. Yet answers are what I need.
How can I make amends, when I still don't understand
who I'm supposed to be?

  My story is a difficult one to tell.
Especially when it comes to telling it well, from start to finish.
I need to remove myself from this diseased prison cell.
Then maybe I will find the redemption I long for,
a miracle to lift this evil spell.

I will be reborn from the ashes of my old self,
And rise above this cursed hell.
AllyRose Apr 2018
Her magic held captive.
A strange feeling lingers in the air.
The saints take blame for the sinners sins.
There is sorcery everywhere.
They light fires.
They burn witches.
What goes around comes around.
She has a temper that can burn down bridges.
AllyRose Apr 2018
Dust gathers on the shelf,
To fill the empty spaces.
There is a time and place,
To accept final defeat.
She survived the lions den.
Dancing the dance with her sisters
To the tune of hypocrisy.
A masquerade to mislead them all.
The crime of the century, is still written on her ageless face.
She blows smoke in their eyes,
In order to restore the humanity in her weakened faith.
You can taste the sweetness in the words she speaks.
She can mask her misery better than frosting can cover a cake.
AllyRose Apr 2018
The comfort of the drug takes me under.
My eyes are red and blistered.
This pounding in my chest feels like thunder,
And makes me shiver,
In my bones I surrender.
I need to shake this sickness.

Everyday I grow weaker.
I don't know if I'll live to tell the tale.
No one may care anyway.
Still I must make it through this fatal fever,
Before I can deliver the truth to the sinners.
I must make it through this deadly winter.
AllyRose Mar 2018
Violence lingers in your eyes.
No wonder you can't sleep,
Soundly through the night.
Not will all the waste still floating in the sky.

A deadly chemical, when ignited.
A Super Nova on steroids.
Explosive and temperamental.
Don't get too excited,
Or you'll turn into a deadly weapon.
Still fixated on the darkest of nights.
Forgetting is easier said than done.

There's a flicker of light behind your eyes.
Let it burn bright.
Don't hold back,
The passion that thrives.
AllyRose Mar 2018
Fell asleep in a bed of roses.
Their beauty can be misleading.
I wake up daily with ****** noses,
The morning after the beatings.
The Gallows of my mind,
Wreak Havoc on me.
Your thorns won't detach,
From the apple of my eyes,
Leaving me bruised and bleeding.

  Gathered my own army.
Escaped my own hanging.
Joined forces with the madness,
that has infiltrated my life.
Broke down a wall,
I didn't know could fall.
Must run the race,
When I've barely learned to crawl.
I'm learning to breathe fire.
Once and for all.
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