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SelinaSharday Jul 2018
Circling Bubbles
Circles.. of bubbles
Surrounding my inner being.
Pushing and pulling..
Surrounding and encircling..
It comes with high energetic arisings..
swooping natural
Got me jumping through the hoops..fanatical
but there is no escaping..
The heightened things
Feelings within encompassing.
Bursting bubbles unyielding..
I'm guilty of feeling..
The gifting of dreams..
There's no denying..
The circles moving within my being.
Defying is a hard sought feeling.
Ahh for the feelings of fun Da_Bubbles can bring!
s.a.m protected by c rights. tm
"Da_Feelings", ..overwhelming..
AllyRose Mar 2018
I’m wearing your red flag.
You now have a strand of my hair in your possession.
I breathe into your brown paper bag.
And my lips are swollen.
I succumb to the pollution as I inhale your tainted air.

I’ve grown up in so many ways.
Yet I still have fool written on my face.
My skin is up in flames.
It’s crowded here in my hiding place.
Will these demons ever call it a day?

This place is infected with your poison
And so is my sanity.
My thoughts conditioned to your control.
Powerless against the storm in my mind.
Just another lost soul.
J Foster Apr 2016
Damaged good are always on sale
In every store, whether resale or retail
No one wants something that’s broken down
Except for when they see that certain person walking around town.
She is shattered and mangled, but not on the surface
A beautiful sight, her eyes lit like a furnace.
She sells herself, but not for ***
What’s given away is more complex.
The idea of being wanted is too far gone,
Like her dignity which left her for so long.
So she lives her life always seeming distraught,
But really it’s only because of her thoughts.
They consume her mind and swallow her whole,
And every day it takes its toll.
She is worn and broken, and it’s clear to see
What once was so beautiful, wild, and free
Is now in the past, she can’t help but reminisce
The days that were once so grand and full of bliss.
She gave up when she gazed in the mirror,
Seeing what couldn’t be any clearer.
She’s still the same person that she once was,
Except now she’s in the prison which does
Consume her mind, her heart, and intent
For her sins she feels she must repent.
Her past is one that no one would yearn,
And to this day the thought still burns.
If not for that single mistake
Then to this day his heart wouldn’t have a break.
She sold herself, but nothing is new
For it has happened to all of us a time or two.
We sell ourselves short in all that we do,
But what we must remember is that there are very few
People in this world that remain pure and true.
All the rest are damaged at best,
And in the end it’s what separates them from the rest.
I discount myself, but I will never be sold
On any ideas that I have ever been told.
When I get put down, what people don’t realize is that I have already found
The worst critic on this planet, the one sitting down
Writing this poem and filling your thoughts,
Making you feel like that damaged box.
Perspective Boxes Damaged Goods Complex ***
I am hopeless and broken
and not worthy of you at all.
My skin is thick like leather
and my bones are as fragile as robin’s eggs.
I break each time I bend
and I have no push so I just give.
My eyes are not blue but grey.
Not grey but dead and lifeless.
My hair falls flat and is thin like smoke.
I am not beautiful, but I am a disaster.
I love you
*That's all I have to offer
We're not damaged goods
Maybe we're just lonely people
Valo Salo Aug 2014
Worked for thousands of years
For some rich men I still serve

Still dreaming through all of the years
Dreams of all the rich men’s pleasures

Out there among the millions of stars
Time travel faster than I could ever imagine

So many money and ***** tricks to be spend
Fly me up on rockets to the never lasting end

Work for some rich men who got all powers
Burn me up dying for some real bad ideas

Take a last breath and get in the grave
A life with no questions and no answers

Don’t get too excited and claim your rights
Find a man to marry get daughters and sons

Shipping companies transporting goods
Now you’ll work for thousands of years.
A child holds out a hand.
He has no tears to cry.
His stomach is a gastric band.
His future is to die.

He doesn't have food to eat.
He has nothing to drink.
To him this life is far from sweet.
His future is to sink.

Whilst all around that other place.
People cause disarray.
By getting started in the race.
That we call black Friday!

Whilst many have to pray for life.
That we treat as the norm.
We're fighting for the cheapest price.
And doing it in swarms.

How can the peoples of these places?
Hold their heads up high.
Does greed reflect from our faces?
Whilst so many other die!

We seems so motivated.
Over a child's toy.
It's ok to get aggrevated.
Over the things we buy.

It would be another story.
If it was a fight for life.
But it doesn't show much glory.
When it's a new coat for the wife.

We have a poor economy.
So can anyone be blamed!
We are all healthy, fed and free.
And we should all feel ashamed.
People fighting over TV's, computers and various other companies products. This is what we see on this day! Where have all the morals gone?
29th November 2014

— The End —