Jen Jo
Jen Jo
Sep 22, 2014

How can life be both bitter and sweet?

Is almost like you're caught on fire and someone keeps pouring water to extinguish but you can not run away from feeling the pain.

You ain't bitter until you find such familiarity in the word itself.
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ome nothingness. I seek revenge in this bitterness.
May 18, 2014

I feel nothing but emptiness. A black hole filled with sadness. Consuming me leaving me with loneliness. Eating me inside out to become nothingness. I seek revenge in this bitterness.

Written: May 18. - 2014
Lost in the bitterness
Aug 7, 2014

Lost in the bitterness
Free because I’m found
Surrounded by silence
I hear the intense sound
I got a one way ticket
I’ll go there, back and around
this is the complication
of travelling to where I’m bound
Climbing a mountain
while the path doesn’t bend
ripping up a letter
that the mailman still will send
Drinking constantly
but my thirst will not amend
this is the frustration
that my life won't cease to lend
Miles, countries away
but still you’re at my side
Just when you disobey me
you do start to abide
Of course I’ll tell no one
but in you I can confide
This is my pleasure
when the pain will not subside

Aug 6

being bitter is not my thing,
but when it comes to you,
i get bitter...
about everything.

but is it wrong to still get bitter even if few years ago,
the so called "us" was gone?
and we both know now that we're nothing,
but done.

sorry for being too bitter about everything,
it's just that you messed up everything.
and leaving me was your thing,
guess what? being bitter about you is forever my thing.

random, too freakin random.
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thank you for enduring my bitterness
Jason Nel
Jason Nel
Oct 22, 2014

we fought again, inevitable difference
this one was the hardest




took my sober soul and cleansed my thoughts with evil

i sit and cry on a beautiful summer's eve
i blame myself for all of this
because i hurt you again, i think

i am so sorry for the
that you did not deserve

i know i fucked up again
because my mother started asking questions
and i lost one of my only friends

thank you for enduring my bitterness
and hurt i inflicted

this cancer is healed
but the cancer-disfigured-wounds lay behind
and all we can do now is forgive the cancer for existing and forgive each other


This is truly one of my pieces that lay closest to my heart...
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Bitterness and ale
Dennis Go
Jul 6, 2010

I'll play thief
To the home
Of a rich man
And steal
Malt for my
Bitterness and ale
For the happiness
That was kept
In the mug
Of paupers.

These ingredients
Are a lot cheaper
On sidewalks
But mansions store
The most flavorful:
From the source
That stings
On the plate
Of paupers.

My tears,
The bitter rain in which
I once loved,
They run down my face,
The face with the mask
Of joy and contentment
And yet beneath is
Utterly destroyed
By unsatisfaction
By loss in something
I believed was everlasting
By a love that was always
Incompleted because of reality

I'll never love him...he's right handed....
Contorting my heart to blackened bitterness.
Mar 29, 2014

Is it true.
That only you.
Can heal the piercing holes.
That corrupt me within.
My fragile heart.
The one who has caused my heart.
Such known pain and misery.
Yet I still do not hate you.
For your face brings me joy.
Happiness and nothing less.
But my febil ambitions weaken me.
My body yearns for your embrace.
Something that I cannot acquire
Contorting my heart to blackened bitterness.
Such dark tragedy.
As I rot away with the winds.
My bitter soul wanders with no desire at all rather then to simply die.
Death because life empty of you causes nothing more then destruction to me.
It will be my only solace.
Eternal rest.

Sean Pugerude
Sean Pugerude
Mar 21, 2011

Always the critic
freeing to be above it
and deny goodness

Lucy Flame
Lucy Flame
Mar 8, 2014

...Then the distance mangles the appearance,
And then he's not my everything since I mustn't allow it.

I do not believe in perfection anymore.

I mustn't show I could wait forever;
I musn't allow anyone to trample on me...

...Another time.

Nothing is needful.
Above all pleasant, comforting falsehoods.

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