don't you dare try and make this into something sweet when all along it was bitter

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Aug 6, 2015

being bitter is not my thing,
but when it comes to you,
i get bitter...
about everything.

but is it wrong to still get bitter even if few years ago,
the so called "us" was gone?
and we both know now that we're nothing,
but done.

sorry for being too bitter about everything,
it's just that you messed up everything.
and leaving me was your thing,
guess what? being bitter about you is forever my thing.

random, too freakin random.
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Maybe if bitterness was not my language,
Apr 24, 2014

Maybe if bitterness was not my language,
You would've held on to our conversations.
Maybe if bitterness wasn't in my eyes,
You wouldn't have turned to look at her instead.

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Ethan Moon
Ethan Moon
Apr 1, 2015

Bitter blessed

Better tested

Knowledge burns

Hollow inside

Welcome home

#home   #knowledge   #bitter   #hollow   #blessed  
Jen Jo
Jen Jo
Sep 22, 2014

How can life be both bitter and sweet?

Is almost like you're caught on fire and someone keeps pouring water to extinguish but you can not run away from feeling the pain.

You ain't bitter until you find such familiarity in the word itself.
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of the bitterness inside.
Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Jul 19, 2014

With a dry mouth and
starved palette I
   bite into the bitter apple.
Oh, what an acidic
What an acrimonious

I am filled now, for
The single sample will be
forever imprinted in
madness and memory.
I knew all too well the
fruit was tainted,
but not the knowledge
that comes with it.

I need a chaser--
hemlock, cyanide?
I just need to
rid myself
of the bitterness inside.
The wisdom wasn't worth it!

eleanor prince
eleanor prince
Oct 28, 2016

bent man's coat

crisp shirts
board table


winds pummel
forgotten frame


cardboard sheet

wan dawn

society's stare

empties past


from life's
bitter cold

this pic is something of what this poem portrays...
#bitter   #cold   #forgotten   #winds  
George Krokos
Dec 8, 2016

A bitter lemon can never be sweet
but it enhances the food that we eat.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#food   #sweet   #bitter   #never   #eat   #lemon   #enhances  
ome nothingness. I seek revenge in this bitterness.
May 18, 2014

I feel nothing but emptiness. A black hole filled with sadness. Consuming me leaving me with loneliness. Eating me inside out to become nothingness. I seek revenge in this bitterness.

Written: May 18. - 2014
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